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Womens Olympic Mistral to start Saturday

Starts in the Harbour on Sunday 12 September 2000 SYDNEY

Mens Olympic Mistral to start Saturday

Set for Sunday start12 September 2000 SYDNEY

KIWISI - Advanced windsuring simulator

Although designed to overcome the difficulty in teaching people how to balance, turn and steer with the rig before they take on the water, there are a number of other higher skills that I have been able to teach very effectively over the ten years that students have been coming to me to extend their ability.

Sydney 2000 Olympics

Ken's Circumnavigation of Rarotonga

8 June 2000 Tired of waiting for the classic SE trades Ken decided to make his attempt the first time there was a steady wind between 10 and 15 kts. On the morning of June 8th there was such a wind from slightly N of West so he decided to try.

Windsurfing School

The school operates here 7 days a week and has a constant trickle of visitors taking casual lessons or hiring if they have learnt previously.

Welcome to the Rarotonga!

The world of Ken Kingsbury ...Instructors courses at Rarotonga

Sydney 2000 windsurfing results

The big news at the moment is the Olympic Games in Sydney. Barbara Kendall with an Olympic Gold and Silver from previous games, and Aaron McIntosh won BRONZE in their respective MISTRAL class events.

Z U D ? the windsurfer of the future.

Over ten years ago Ken realised that the evolution of the modern planing-only shortboard from the traditional longboard had gone wrong. Many sleepless nights had his thoughts going several different routes to a shape that was radically different.

Our next pair of Olympic medallists?


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