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Watercooled Sports - Dunedins Windsurfing Venue

1 [H2]Watercooled Sports - Dunedin's Windsurfing Venue[h2]Miles, Tony and Andrew welcome you to one of NZ's most user friendly sailing locations. Shallow water,excellent ramp, free showers and rigging area and great wind!Watercooled Sports has:[BULLET]comprehensive retail of all the top brands.[bullet][BULLET]state of the art slalom and beginner rental.[bullet][BULLET]excellent workshop facilities[bullet][BULLET]importers of Chinook and Ezzy products.[bullet]We are keen to help overseas sailors with long term rental and information to enjoy the quality windsurfing that the lower South Island has.Check us out, right on the edge of Otago Harbour at - 9 Kitchener Street, Dunedin. Ph (03) 4792206 / Fax (03) 4792207

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