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Yes I can see it happening, I have been out of international competition for over six months now and I know it will hurt in my first few races. It’s just the way it goes. Peak performance it hard to come by. In saying that I know my way up the ladder, to the top again.My activities of late have been interesting and exciting but now it’s time to get back to business. I finished working with Oracle Racing’s Weather programme for this season at the end of March. I started back at the gym, building back some of those forgotten muscles. I competed in Olympic Sail Regatta in Taupo over Easter. Definitely a shock to the system, but with some very positive results. It was 9 race series over the Olympic style courses. I led the regatta for the first 3 days but the body was in need of some rest. In the best interests of myself I did not compete the last day dropping me to 5th overall. The younger sailors were starting to show some real promise, exciting and trouble for the future. After Easter I spent a week in Club Med Noumea in a Kitesurfing Promotion, with the view to doing a Windsurfing clinic and Kitesurfing demo in October. The location of the Club Med is perfect for Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. We are quite excited about putting this project together. I shall keep you informed. You may want a break from work at the end of winter. Time to hit the big time again; yes it is time to head to Europe. I depart New Zealand on the 8th of May. I have 3 major regattas that I have chosen to use in my preparation the World Championships in Athens August 17th-27th. Oh yes I am excited. There are some new kids on the block, as well as some old trying to make their mark. Just gotta show them who’s the boss. I have just completed a New Media Sponsorship Presentation. This on CD-Rom that just pops into your CD drive. It goes through my journey to Athens 2004. I am looking for two more sponsors to help my programme towards Athens. My worry at the moment is that Athens will be much more expensive than Sydney and our New Zealand dollar just does not go as far as it used to. I would love to drop a copy off for you to view. I believe it is the way of the future in Sponsorship proposals. The proposal has been laid out in Gold; Silver and Bronze partners as this makes it easy to administer and operate. Each associated group knows what they can expect in return for their investment. There have been some great changes in our advertising rules. We are now allowed to use the whole sail for promotional purposes while racing; there are some small limitations with room for sail numbers and class logo. This is exciting, being able to give more branding exposure to those involved.I hope to catch up personally with you all in the next week, have coffee and a chat before I head on my way to Europe for business.Once in Europe I hope to do a weekly Newsletter with Web site links to events and a small video clip of the event and location. I need to work out some technical issues but I hope to have this working soon.Talk to you soon.Aaron McIntosh.ROLL ON ATHENS 2004

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