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Big Week for Aaron

Hello all,Well no news is good news, well thats what they say. Anyway 2000 certainly rolled over pretty quickly. It was the year of Sydney 2000, been there done that. Recovery, well I do believe I have recovered and moved on with some new goals.Athens 2004 yes I will be back. I have not done it yet(GOLD) drives this boy. I hope to be in contact in the new year to talk about when and how I will get back on the board. Things will be low key to start with I shall let you know more soon.Last week was one of the biggest weeks I remember, next to the olympics.1st. I started my new job. I am now employed by Oracle Racing, Challenge for the Americas Cup, yes a traitor. I am a part of there weather programme, collecting and analysing data on the weather on the race areas. This is an amazing opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the yachting scene, a great opportunity to learn from the gurus and help my career. I am working 6 months on and 6 off this allows me to compete and train in Europe next year.2nd. I had a hair cut. Yes the trademark Aaron McIntosh mullet hair has gone. As tragic as it seems it had to go. My friends had threatened to remove it on many occasion, I pleaded to them that it should stay with me until the Olympics were over then they could do what they like, but they forgot about it. This left the job to me. I am enjoying my new clean cut image, (Ross you can use me in your next catalogue) ,I have had a little sun in the last few days and copped a little sun burn, it really was great protection against the elements.(pics coming soon)3rd. Well it has been a long time coming. My girlfriend and I got engaged last Sunday. Jay-Jay and I have been together since 1994, she has stuck by me through 2 Olympics, if she can put up with that sort of punishment she can handle anything. No wedding plans as yet but a party in the New Year is planned I shall let you know more soon.Well that's all the news for now. Thanks for all your support in what has been a great year. I hope you all have a great Christmas New year.Kind Regards Aaron McIntosh.

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