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Aaron McIntosh - NZL 121

1 [IMAGEL=128][IMAGEL=129]Welcome to the web pages of Aaron McIntosh. These pages will be updated as best as I can and as I choose to.Year 2000 is a special year many of the worlds athletes, the SYDNEY 2000 Olympics.I am one of those and my time to do what I set out to do is fast approaching.This year has started well, acheiving all I needed to do.So keep up to date and check back weekly.[PAGE=31]Sponsors of Aaron McIntosh[page][PAGE=32]Introduction to Olympic Windsurfing[page][PAGE=62]Aaron McIntosh Personal Profile[page][PAGE=73]Aaron McIntosh Results 1998-2000[page][IMAGER=79]I have with Line 7 put together some polo shirts as a fundraising programme towards the games. I originally got a hundred done, they sold quickly. I do not have the time to try and sell them now. Line 7 has now set up an on line store selling them [LINK=2][IMAGE=80]

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