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Jon-Paul Tobin towards Athens in 2004.

Jon-Paul TobinNew Zealand Olympic Board Sailor
Challenge for Olympic Victory Athens, Greece 2004Email: jonpaultobin@hotmail.comMobile: 021321151Hi TeamI am online and will bring you all regular updates on my progress towards Athens in 2004.I am back in Auckland again as of January 2002 after a brief timeout in Ohope Beachfollowing the 2001-racing season, getting some time in with family and friends. It willcome to a surprise to many that in 2002 I will be studying for a Graduate Diploma inBusiness Studies @ Massey University @ Albany Campus in Auckland this is made possiblefrom the assistance of the ACADEMY OF SPORT through the PRIME MINISTERS SCHOLORSHIPscheme, thanks Helen. I have come to the realisation that education is an important factor long term, in thatOlympic Windsurfing is not on the same par as golf - and the Tiger Woods salary might besome time away - especially after his 3rd win @ the Masters. For the last 2 years I have included triathlon training and racing into my off-seasonspent in Ohope Beach. Ohope, with its conditions, produces some awesome triathletes,individual cyclists (road, mountain) swimmers, runners, surf lifesavers and of course -windsurfers. Training alongside these psychos is great preparation for Olympic Windsurfracing and is becoming a regular part of my Olympic Class off-season training strategy.JanuarySail Melbourne, incorporating the Oceanic Championships, was the first competition on the2002 Olympic Windsurfing Calender with a Grade 1 ranking. The Great Britain team sent downa small but effective racing team with Nick Dempsey currently ranked the # 2 Olympic Boardsailor in the World and his compatriot Dom "the pom" Tidey ranked # 9. The Japanese,Koreans and French (New Caledonians) also sent teams. Port Phillip bay turned on the windand Dom showed the way with 2 wins from 2 races on day 1. On day 2, 3, 4, 5 and with a little bit of tuning assisted by Sensei Bruce Kendall (waxon) it was game on, and I pulled away to win comfortably - claiming the Sail Melbournetitle, defending my Oceanic title, and gaining valuable World Ranking points. February Sail Auckland (Grade 2) was the next on the race schedule. The Brits were out for revengeand blood. It turned out that I performed better at Sail Auckland over the weekend winning5 out of 6 races on Saturday and Sunday with Friday, and Monday producing mixed results. Nick Dempsey (GBR) sailed consistently for the win - my inconsistent performances on theweekdays contributing to my second placing overall, with Dominic Tidy also from GBRrounding off the podium. New Zealand Olympic Windsurfing Class National Championships were contested off Takapunabeach on Auckland's North Shore. Very light unstable winds for the whole competition madefor very physical racing. I performed well enough to secure the National Championshiptitle, although I was not entirely pleased with my performance and certain aspects needand will be worked upon before my assault on Europe - and in preparation for the Worlds. March/April Olympic sail was contested over Easter. Again, very unstable winds made for some extraexciting never say die racing. A small glitch in the system, and not entirelyunderstanding how the wind was operating, produced a few costly errors - highlighting andreinforcing the need to use more of the third of S3 (speed, strength, smarts) and not relyquite so much on the first 2. I finished second. Apr├Ęs Snowball (James Wells), who sailed a mighty competition, filledthe premier position. James will travel with me in Europe this year. He is not completelystable, so should make a good Olympic Windsurf Athlete and if anything make travellinginteresting... April The Race Board Nationals finished off the National season a week after Olympic sail. Backto all systems go 6 races, 6 wins!Focus now turns to the business half of the year the European and Asian circuits. I willdepart Auckland on the 19th June flying QANTAS arriving Frankfurt 20 June where I willpick up my RENAULT EURODRIVE driving directly for Kiel Germany. My focus also turns to fundraising to maintain my challenge to represent New Zealand andachieve success in Athens in 2004. I must keep things rolling. My strategy is to attractpartners for mutual profile and commercial benefit. In doing so provide an opportunity forsponsors to become involved in my Olympic campaign and assist in preparations to enable aNew Zealand athlete to push for Olympic success. This opportunity will provide a viable commercial return and develop a mutually beneficialpartnership. A detailed proposal outlining the returns that are available for supportersis available. Any ideas, interest or contacts let me know. I would be stoked to receivethem. Gaining support is vital in me reaching goals and realising potential -bringingsuccess in Athens representing New Zealand closer.May Work continues on developing profile in the media, sponsorship development and sign ups.During this time I will be developing training strategies, working with Jon Ackland ofPERFORMANCE LAB. This training will primarily be made up of Strength work, incorporatingclimbing walls to maximise strength to bodyweight ratios and swimming @ the MILLENIUMINSTITUTE OF SPORT AND HEALTH on the water training and running. Also I will be assisting in the development area of Olympic Windsurfing, providingassistance for up and coming young Olympic Windsurfers, assuring the long-term strength ofNew Zealand Olympic Windsurfing.June Sponsor relations and continual development of supporters, and my own profile, in NewZealand and Internationally. Continuation of training aimed primarily @ performing @ preOlympic test and European Championships with longer term aim @ World Championships. DepartJune 20th for Europe. Competition Schedule 2002COMPETITION Grade Location Date Objective OCEANIC Sail Melbourne 1 Melbourne AUSTRALIA 15-19 January 1 Oceanic Championships 1 Melbourne AUSTRLIA 15-19 January 1 Sail Auckland 2 Auckland NEW ZEALAND 8-11 February Podium New Zealand National Championships 3 Auckland NEW ZEALAND 1 Olympicsail Taupo NEW ZEALAND 29-01 March 1 Paradise Race NEW CALEDONIA FIJI TAHITI NEW ZELAND December EUROPEAN Kiel Week 1 Kiel GERMANY 26-30 June Top 5 Olympic Test Event 2 Athens. GREECE 16-23 August Podium European Championships 1 Neusiedlersee AUSTRIA 08-14 September Podium ASIA 2 Enoshima Olympic Week 2 Enoshima JAPAN Podium World Championships 1 Pattaya THAILAND 8-14 December 1 JuneAuckland-FrankfurtKiel GERMANYKiel Woche (Kiel Week)Kiel, Germany 26th - 30th JuneI will depart Auckland on the 19th June flying QANTAS arriving Frankfurt 20th June, whereI will pick up my RENAULT EURODRIVE driving directly for Kiel Germany. Kiel Woche is the biggest sailing competition in the World (participants) with all OlympicSailing disciplines competing along with many other sailing classes. Kiel-Marseille 1st - 2nd July>From Kiel, back in the RENAULT and in no time flat will be down in Marseille, France.Marseille is my European base and provides familiar surroundings, cheap living and a Strong French team to train with (2 Athletes ranked in top 10 in the world) along withgood facilities. Was planing to spend a month in Marseille, but following an invitationfrom the Tunisian Olympic team, will spend a few weeks in Tunisia training with theTunisians and Athletes from Japan, Portugal, France and Holland. Conditions in Tunisia areexcellent with warm conditions and wind providing the perfect opportunity for intensetraining, great as a build-up to the Pre Olympic Test Event.JulyMarseilleFRANCE2nd - 5th JulyBrief time in Marseille training and allows an opportunity to catch up with friends andorganise for Tunisia. Marseille - Tunisia 05th JulySidi Bou SaidTUNISIA05th - 19th JulyAwesome training conditions, the hot conditions will be perfect preparation for Athens andallows me to run very lean body fat, to be light on my board and maximise strength tobodyweight ratios.Tunisia - Marseille19th July MarseilleFRANCE19th - 29th JulyBack in Marseille a chance to test equipment as the winds in Marseille are very stablecoming off the ocean @ this time of year. Also have the facilities to test mast bends andequipment set-ups before an assault on Athens.Marseille - Athens30th - 31st Back in the EURODRIVE and rapidly across to Ancona, Italy for the ferry ride across toPatras, Greece and then on to Athens to prepare for the Pre Olympic Test Event. Athens GREECE01 August - 31 AugustPre Olympic Test Event Athens, Greece16th - 23rd AugustThe Pre Olympics will see the top 2 male athletes from 38 countries lining up for a dressrehearsal of the Olympic Games. (except the Olympic Games has only 1 representative fromeach country). Coming in a few weeks early provides the opportunity to train with NikosKaklamanakis (Gold medallist from Atlanta Olympics 1996 and reigning World Champion) onhis home turf. Nikos is Greeces biggest sporting superstar and the Greeks are fanaticalwhich makes going places with the crazy Greek an experience... My objective is to become a local in Athens, I want to know the water and wind better thanNikos. I will not allow him this hometown advantage. With the right support I will makethis possible. I will stay a week after the Pre Olympics to sail in various other wind andtide phases. And from next year I plan to base in Europe to take advantage of training inAthens as much as possible.Athens - Austria01 - 02 SeptemberBack in the RENAULT and on the ferry to Ancona, Italy. Then from Italy I go through toNeusiedlersee, Austria for the European Championships. The European Championships is oneof the big 3 (Olympics, Europeans, Worlds) and has a lot of importance for the Europeancompetitors - with Europe being the base for Olympic Windsurfing. Austria Neusiedlersee2nd - 15th September 15th September Austria - FrankfurtAfter the Europeans, will drive back up to Frankfurt from Austria and depart on QANTASback to Auckland. Arriving back in Auckland preparations begin for the WorldChampionships, which will be contested in Pattaya Thailand. The World Championships inThailand is my primary focus in 2002. During this preparation I plan to travel up to Japanfor training and Enoshima Olympic Week 14th - 20th October. The advantage of this is thatJapanese athletes are very strong in light wind conditions and the timing of Enoshima willkeep me race sharp. Back in New Zealand for 3 training weeks before heading over toThailand to complete preparations before the World Championships.Follow results @ (Olympic Windsurfing) (ISAF) (Kiel Regatta)Team 2004Oakley: Has been on the team from the beginning. Enabling me to look the meanest on thewater and sharpest on the land. All this and the best eye protection there is.Academy of Sport: Assisting with education, advice, and developing a balanced approach toachieve performanceYachting New Zealand: Helping me keep my eyes on the prize.Powerbar: Keeping me powered up on powering on. (And alive when the budget will notstretch to cover food)Making it all happen, and coming onboard for the ride, working together as a team meanswinning together as a team.Thanks for your support. YOU SHOULD BE HEREWATCH THIS SPACEAll the best JP Jon-Paul

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