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Weeks Coaching Report

Hi Team, Thanks to those that sent back comments on my last coaching news email. Hey Mike, I found out that the dolphin is actually a bit of a local and has been around for a few weeks and beats up on some of the mooring buoys. That same Thursday, we missed the Orcas that were mooching around North Head... They may have done something different with the marks, the dolphin and us.... Thursday 1stI was disappointed that this was going to be my first Thursday this year that I was going to miss out on keel boat racing. How ever, the westerly wind was a good 20 to 35 knots & showers and apart from a learn to sail keel boat, the boards I was training were the only craft out sailing. James, Thomas, Mathew and Julie were the only sailors who decided to come out. As per normal, our training session started at 4:00 PM and some of the sailors decided that they wouldn't sail due to the conditions and went home and some came out in the coach boat with me. The rest went sailing. Julie surprised us all by how well she sail up wind in these conditions, While Mathew had the best pace, James sailed the smartest. James was the best off the wind.We made our way from Okahu Bay to the first buoy west of the Harbor Bridge. They all improved their "survival skills up wind and down wind. Mathew demonstrated how important it is to see the big picture when sailing up wind [in spite of the strong winds] to be sure one has advantageous wind for the whole beat. The down wind really hit home how much faster the boards were than my coach boat. Boards get up to around 27 knots and I estimate that they were going away from me at around 6 knots. I enjoyed the conditions and the training session much more than those that had chosen to race in keel boats that night as the racing had been called of. Infact I was jealous that I was not able to be on a board ! Every one got back exhausted by enthused. SaturdayThe morning session started at 10:00 am in very light wind from the North and I set up a six buoy slalom course and had two starts according to the level of board-handling. It took some time for the sailors to remember the course, but they really got to focus on board handling and mark rounding rules and tactics.The top group of Mathew, James W and Thomas had some great racing while Sheena, Anna, David and sometimes Antonio really got to focus on board handling. By 12:30 noon, the breeze backed to the west and increased to gusts with rain up to 20 knots. When Julie and James E arrived for the afternoon senior session, we did races from the red Channel marker off Okahu Bay up to Resolution - the yellow buoy off Mechanics bay. Everyone started together and the first sailors to round resolution sailed back down to cross the stern of the last sailor coming up wind. This kept the group close to together and prevented the top sailors waiting around. We finished at 3:00 and then had a debrief. All were on their last legs. Tuesday Night TrainingThis was our first session at Lake Pupuke and my first time on a board since last summer! I was a bit rusty. This session focuses on windshifts tactics and board sail trim. in other words, no pumping - unless it is full planning conditions for the down winds. Thomas was most consistently with me at the top mark.Julie, Anna, Mathew Sheena and James E traded places often and most had a turn at first to the top mark. Most times everyone was very close inspite of sailing the longest beat possible on the lake. Antonio was the back marker but has closed the gap considerably compared to last summer. We had easterly from 4 to 20 plus knots including sun and blinding and cold rain. Some good tactical racing and some fast flat water down winds and awesome conditions for gybing. Another good session. Wednesday Night TrainingThis day I had the Yamaha 50 four stroke serviced and a different pitch prop put on. The boats top end speed is significantly better and I am much better able to keep up with the boards down wind! Thanks YNZ and Yamaha for improving the lack of pace challenge. Strong North Easters and showers. We had some starts with small courses off Okahu Bay until most of the team arrived. Then we did gate starts up wind to the next channel marker up wind all the way to Rangitoto shore. We finished off with some small courses again.Julie, Thomas, Mathew, James W, Anna Eason, Sheena, David, Antonio, James E, Scott R all had a good session. ThursdayWe started at 4:00 P.M. and then when the other sailing craft arrived we joined in with them. There was a trapezoid course and separate starts for the different fleets. We finished at 630. Julie, James W, Thomas A, Mathew, Anna, Sheena, Antonio, Max, Louise all had some good racing. Mathew is now going faster up wind than he has in some time. We finished before the rain....We then had a presentation on the NZSC website until 9:00 pm. This is a fantastic tool NZ sailors can really get a good advantage from over other countries. Check it out and get your pass word! SaturdayWe had a light but increasing northerly. We started at 10:00am with a small M course inside Okahu bay until 11:30 am. Julie, Mathew and Sheena had some good tussles while Antonio, David and Andrew sorted out their board handling. After 11:30 the breeze was from 10 to 15 knots and we did speed testing line ups out past Rangitoto Light house. Sheena, Mathew and Julie swapped gear to learn more about the board and rigs while Antonio and David focussed on upwind technique. Paul Page joined in the line ups late in the piece with his open class gear and gave Mathew a run for his money.After we did a non stop downwind back to Okahu bay. Everyone was happy to stop at 3:00. At the debrief what was observed and learnt was discussed. Boards with dagger boards too tightly shimmed, may not be fast. This may have been out first session where we didn't get rain on this summer? SummaryIt has been wet and mostly windy. Most that can are attending regularly. Thanks to Ross Munroe at Line 7 for keeping me dry and warm. Thanks again to YNZ and Yamaha for improving the lack of pace challenge with the new prop. Hugh Stewart at Yamaha certainly knows his stuff! It has been decided by the sailors that we should will be adopt a fine system for those that are late or not attending without letting me know 2 hours in advance.If I am late, $ 5 and if the sailors fines are $ 2.50. This will be decided on the Saturdays, payable on the Thursdays. The money will go towards drinks and food to the group for Saturdays or Thursdays. We need to decide who will manage the fund.... The next session is at Bucklands Beach. Cheers Bruce

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