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Help keep windsurfing in the Olympica

Hi Folks

Please add any new comments to this email and forward it to all who may beinterested.I support Tom Ashley's views. I believe if the Olympic Class were to bechanged to Formula, there would not be sufficient races to complete a seriesat the light wind venues in Athens Greece or China. If there weren'tsufficient races, windsurfing would be removed from the Olympic Games. Thismay be the intention of Paul Henderson.The Olympic Class windsurf racing currently is strong globally and is a bigpercentage of women competing often at an equal level to men. It is theleast expensive and most "One Design" form of Olympic Yachting. A true "maythe best sailor win" situation.Formula requires big fins which restricts the depth of water that can besailed in, and increases the potential for damage when the bottom is hit andincreases the chance of collecting debris in the water. These factors are aproblem in many places. The longer the fin, the more difficult it is toremove debris.Increasing the amount of rigs is potentially a disaster financially and isdangerous for women's backs when uphauling. The costs of doing a campaignwill treble do to the extra rigs.Formula still has no firm rules and is still "check book" racing. Thesmaller, more remote and less developed nations will find it more difficultto compete. One design boards can be competitive for as long as the boardremains down to weight. Two year old boards have won World Champs in 1989.If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it!Bruce Kendall 37 years old 72 kilos.Hi everybody. Please put your name on the bottom and forward the followingletter to every sailor you know and also to IMCO and ISAF. We cannot letISAF change the Olympic board and destroy all our years of hard work andmoney.............................................................................I am writing to voice my support for the One Design as the Olympic board for2004. In answer to Paul Henderson's other issues I have the following tosay:* I do not support Henderson's views on pumping- it is what makes our sportunique and in many ways is the only reason we are able to sail in the lightconditions that prohibit use of other equipment ie Formula etc;* I have every confidence in Mistral and their ability to make boards- thesame problems have been faced by countless other manufacturers when movingproduction facilities. We have all seen them before and it has not stoppedanyone from sailing the One Design. The problems are only temporary and willbe experienced tenfold if a new class is selected.I believe that it is far too late to change the board now: four years is ashort time for athletes to learn a completely new set of equipment let alonetwo. And I think it is crazy that this move should be in response tocompetitors' complaints at the IMCO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! All of thesecompetitors have chosen to sail the One Design and I am willing to bet thatif you asked any of these sailors which board they support for 2004, theanswer would be IMCO.Regards,Tom Ashley NZL 888 16 years old. 66 kilos.

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