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YNZ survey - results show a lot of room for windsurfing development

Results of Yachting NZ biannual survey have been published. WNZ managed to get one question on windsurfing included and the results show significant potential for development. Total membership is down, but many those that run Learn to sail programmes have gained new members, and with only 2 out of 85 clubs that responded offering windsurfing there's plenty of scope to use windsurfing to grow membership.

Total club membership is down about 10% on 2009
Female membership remains consistent at about 29%
Junior membership stable at 9%, Youth up to 7% from 5% (but taking into account 10% total drop numbers are pretty static)
Strategic goals - lifelong participation is seen as most important, winning medals seen as least important
Performance at achieving goals: Medals is significant leader, promotion, participation least successful
Out of 85 respondents, 54 offer junior dingy, 2 junior windsurfing, 31 adult dingy, 1 adult windsurfing
31% of clubs that used trained instructors payed them
34 clubs hosted Sailing-Have a go, of these 15 gained new members - 50% of these only had 2-4 participants, quite small

Very hard to summarise all the feedback - but its apparent that membership retention and growth , particularly in the youth area (15-25 years) is of concern

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