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Windsurfing options - there are more than you think!

  • Windfoiling - Windfoiling is a new exciting option for beginners, current or ex-windsurfers. Exciting windsurfing in lighter winds, and physically less demanding.
  • Wing-foiling - Wingfoiling is another new exciting option for beginners, current or ex-windsurfers. A great option for free riding, tricks and surfing. A symmetrical inflated wing sail with no mast.
  • Techno 293 - the 'junior' Olympic class, the ideal entry for young sailors. The skills learned here will set kids up for any kind of windsurfing, and of course there's always the possibility of yet another Olympic medal
  • RS:X Olympic - the current Olympic class board on which Tom Ashley won the Beijing Olympic Gold in 2008
  • Formula - the board that started the 'new wave' of light wind planing racing boards.
  • Freestyle - the windsurfing equivalent of skateboarding.
  • IMCO - the previous Olympic board which kiwis such as Barbara and Bruce Kendall and Arron McIntosh were so successful on
  • Indoor windsurfing - a spectator driven event in a 'stadium' environment (lights, camera, action!)
  • Slalom - the high speed, downwind, no holds barred speed racing class
  • Supercross - motocross on the water? Racing with obstacles and tricks thrown in!
  • Wave sailing - the ultimate for some, a wide variety of surfing maneuvers and tricks combined with extreme aerial performances
  • Speed sailing - for many years windsurfing has pushed the boundaries of speed sailing (now around 50knots)
  • Kona - modern technology applied to 'old school' philosophy to produce an accessible class of longboard.
  • Funboard - all-round windsurfing class.
  • Formula Experience -affordable and simple racing class.

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