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Windsurfing New Zealand recognised windsurfing schools and instructors

Windsurfing New Zealand trains windsurfing instructors, publishes guidelines and standards for windsurfing schools, and operates a certification scheme.

The School Certification scheme ensures that windsurfing schools and their instructors meet WNZ standards. Schools which meet these standards display the Windsurfing NZ Affiliation logo.

Most of the instructors in these schools are also certified either by Windsurfing NZ or RYA (Royal Yachting Assn. - UK), don't be afraid to ask about this when contacting them or any other training / instruction facility.

A properly trained and certified instructor will ensure that you get the best possible start to your windsurfing experience. They will be experienced and familiar with all the practices necessary to keep you safe.

Scroll down to see a list of windsurfing schools and instructors. Windsurfing NZ recommends its affiliates, the other schools and instructors are also reputable but have chosen not to meet the standards.

video from the CDROM 'Windsurf Safe' produced by Windsurfing New Zealand >>>

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