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Held at Watercooled Sports, Dunedin. 5/2/2010 - (available for download as pdf below)


Bruce Spedding, Paul Vlietstra, Tony Limburg, Sue Bradley, Anton Blijlevens, Jim Rodgers, Lynne Donaldson, Barbara Preston, Tim Woods, Marilyn Auton, Gorge Cooper, Tom Cowan,


Al Taylor, Alvin Corsbie. There was a suggestion to go the meeting online in future years. This was rejected in favour of continuing to hold at a big national event, but it was agreed that we should try to publish Agenda and reports online earlier so that people who can’t attend can still feed comments in.

Secretaries Opening;

-Paul explained that he is doing a minimal Secretarial Role as a tide over from years ago when he took it over as a favour, so he no longer gets an honorarium, all positions (Sec, President, Treasurer etc) currently voluntary. He is prepared to continue this unless or until we find a Sec who has more time.

- The updated website has been a huge success.

- Sail numbers are now finally sorted even with the Techno Group (who have 50/60 WNZ sail numbers). This had been a mess in the past and has taken a long time to sort.

Minutes of previous AGM and Matters Arising;

Approved. In general it was noted that WNZ has made a lot of progress in many areas throughout the last year, most of these will be dealt with separately. Only negative was losing Wind and Kite Magazine, but this will be replaced by ‘Broad Reach’ Online as part of the new website.

Presidents Report;

-Bruce reiterated that huge progress has been made in revitalizing the association and that there has been a resurgence in the local clubs.

-He thanked in particular;Tony/Treasurer; Paul/Sec; Anton/legal advice; and Sue and Pete/Instruction.

-As President his role has been to get more people involed in windsurfing again, particularly young people, and people who used to be involved before but had dropped out for a while. Most of the years work had been aimed at this.

-The Yachting New Zealand joint strategy meeting had been a useful step forward. YNZ had received strong feedback from windsurfers (who are the main medal winners) that not enough was being done by YNZ to promote windsurfing.

Bruce talked about the need for liaison between local WS clubs and yacht clubs. Using the local club boards to get instruction going liaising with yacht clubs and then the yacht clubs promoting the techno fleets and youth events.

Public Liability, Risk Management and Insurance.

-Thanks to Anton for help on this one. Quote of $1700 for WNZ to cover all club and national events.

- It was noted that events will still need supportive materials; ‘disclaimers’ and other associated documentation for safety guidelines etc.

- We talked for a while about the anomaly of the Freeride Champos which was not a WNZ sanctioned event and had not required all particpants to be WNZ members. It was felt that one possible option should this kind of thing arise again would be for the event to register as a club & pay tiered club affiliation rates in order to be covered.

- Questions arising that it was agreed to check; Can it cover our Instructors Courses ?; How much would it cost to extend this to include ‘personal liability insurance wheile windsurfing ? (This could be a big drawcard in attracting membership although we guessed it would be prohibitively expensive); Is it worth liaising with windsurf schools and retailers to try to get everyone under the same insurance company to increase our buying/bargaining power ? Second quote ?

- Generally everyone thought it was a great move and it was suggested and agreed that this cost would be covered by WNZ funds the first year as a sign of goodwill, but the local clubs would then be warned that their WNZ contributions would go up the following year to reflect the cost of this new service. Suggested tiered costs as per the club affiliation fees to reflect membership no’s.

Venue for next Nationals Slalom Champs.

Merits of changing venues and maybe participants v. solid momentum of core venue and sponsors discussed. At present no-one else has come forward for next year.

Financial Report.

Good position, overall WNZ has approx $15,000 credit balance. This year; Instruction courses brought in new income, fees were dropped by the bank, term deposit changed to savings acc (better interest !). Agreed affiliation fees to remain the same for this year.

National Windsurf Week.

- Suggested as a national week the first week of March, with local clubs, schools ,retailers, etc encouraged to organize a variety of events, under the same overall logo and banner. Ideally two weekends and the week between, and to link into a national or large regional event for one weekend and more local focus the other.

-Possible events; Club “Have a go’ days; “Let the press know’ free trials for journalists day; displays in local retailers/bank window fronts eg in a bank, posters/stickers etc “National Windsurf Week” supplemeneted bu local news and events from the local club/WS retailers; Joint activity with the local yacht club (to be encourage thr YNZ;Club Open Day and BBQ; Simulator session in the centre of town as a press stunt !; simulator with a very public figure giving it a go.

- Practicalities; Anton offered to organize graphic deisgn for a logo and theme for the week. Bruce will promote thr the website and contact YNZ. Sue proposed $1000 seed funding to get the first year core materials printed to provide a central resource for the clubs. Agreed WNZ Exec to draw up more detailed proposals and discuss budget. Would like one major sponsor who’d be part of the logo/slogan.. all to think of possibilities and let Bruce know.


The need for a sponsor led on to a discussion about Sponsors needs and the fact that some event organizers weren’t doing enough to credit their sponsors. Jim mentioned that he and Colgate need footage, copies of press releases, copies of any documents/tee shirts/ posters where the sponsor has been credited, thank you letter, etc all put together into a neat package, if they are to continue to provide support. This is not often happening. All agreed that we need to pay more attention to this. Sue agreed to liaise with Jim to help produce guidelines for event organizers re- crediting sufficiently.

Event Guidelines.

More generally also needed. Risk assessment, disclaimers, promotion hints, sponsorship advice, etc. Paul agreed to co-ordinate.


- Need to get all local contacts on the site, everyone to check this.

Bruce has ‘filler’ ads at present. Need to replace these with real ones.

-Need to put any event sponsors onto our website for free to thank them, but also to provide the impetus for more external advertising income.

-Also need to get ‘industry’/ importers/shops/schools etc with ads on the site to get the real feel of a magazine.

Free membership to WNZ or not ?

-This had been discussed the previous yr but not progressed. There was a long debate on pro’s and con’s of free individual membs. Summarisng;

-Pros; get membs no’s up to apply for grants; would increase website circulation and therefore advertising income; people who become members may feel more identified with a club, so it may keep them in windsurfing.

-Cons; what are we offering them ? will they end up just being disillusioned ? admin hassle; who’s going to apply for these grants for us ?; what do we do about current life members ? what happens about racers /techno group ?

-We talked about the possibility of drawing people in by offering them a free draw to win something if they sign up; eg. prizes donated by the industry; a free club membs, a free WS lesson.

-It’s a really difficult issue and people were getting tired. Finally we voted and it was agreed that for this year; individual membs stay at $40, but under 18’s free, they will also get a free sail no.

Freestyle Nationals.

AWA would like to hold this next yr. Agreed it should go to the Race Committee to discuss.

Instruction Report.

-All handbooks, manuals, leaflets etc, for basic course now found and updated.

- Basic Instructors course now one weekend and $350, cheaper price and shorter to reflect lack of full time work available in NZ and to encourage more people interested for themselves or for teaching friends/ club members. Seems to be working well.

-2 successful courses already held, 2 more planned for March.

-YNZ have agreed to promote our instructor courses to their local yacht clubs.

- Approx $1,000 income for WNZ already, agreed to spend some of this on reproducing the necessary materials properly. Anton offered to help with design for covers.

- Aiming to get all WS schools affiliated to WNZ again from next yr. Discussion letters to go out soon.

-Aiming to further develop next level course; Progressive Coach (short board instructor) ready for next yr.

Election of Officers.

No other nominations were made, so all existing officers agreed to stay on. This was unanimously approved.

Meeting started at 7.15 and closed at 9.40pm.

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