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Windfoiling - flying the new option

Windfoils (windsurfer with a foil fin) are getting a lot of attention, and if you've been following the PWA slalom series you'll have seen how foiling can extend the wind range of your sailing, as well as providing yet another way to spend money on your sports gear. There are a few kiwi early adopters and a good number who are keen to try. Virtually all major windsurfing companies, and also some foil companies, are now promoting windsurfing foiling and providing lots of advice on the sport - the gear, the techniques, the benefits and risks. There are groups devoted to discussing foiling in all it's variations - the most recent is a NZ Foilers group on Facebook There are no clear leaders (although some companies have been working on this for years), the late comers have got up to speed quickly by partnering with the established designers. Slingshot offer the Foil Academy as a way to learn more about the gear and getting started. Robby Naish recently posted a video showing how different the sport is in terms of sail sizes, board sizes and wind speeds

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