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URGENT: Stolen windsurfing gear - Update

Update - The guy who stole Coral's car has been caught but no windsurfing gear yet, so be on te watch for her kit: URGENT Message. Coral our local Tauranga windsurf star who is heading to China in two weeks to represent NZ in the Techno class had all her windsurf kit stolen last night, including the car it was in, from a Tauranga petrol station. We need your help to get this back.
Please keep your eyes out for anyone trying to sell you a Techno board, boom, Sail bag, 2 piece Mast, Sail with Sail number NZL310 and the word TUATARA on it. also clothing, tops, leggings wetsuit, three harness' Zhik life jacket, fitting tools and a brand new Ronstan start watch.
If you come across any of this gear please contact the police and message us so we can put you in touch with Corals Mum. Thanks

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