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Update: Taranaki Wave Classic 2013

Question: Is it possible to have too much fun at this awesome event?
Answer: Absolutely!
New Zealand's Premier Windsurfing Event, 30th Edition 1983 - 2013, 25th - 28th October
Welcome back to TWC FM ('fully-maxxed')! None of us here at TWC HQ are particularly fond of school, but no matter if you are 'new skool', 'old skool', or just 'too cool for school', the Taranaki Wave Classic always asks the same question of each entrant:

The fun factor flies off the scale with all the wavesailing, surfing, SUPing, talking (don't forget the talking...), BBQing, partying and general craziness that goes on at every TWC. You cannot fail but to have too much fun. You may end up chucking in your job, upping sticks and moving yourself and your whole family to Taradise. You could end up viewing sandy beaches with suspicion. You may even start thinking an orca is a small town on the way to Pungarehu.
All skill levels are welcome and FUN is the main focus of the TWC. You can improve your wavesailing skills, see the top sailors from New Zealand (and elsewhere) show how it's done, get tips on wavesailing techinique and hangout in the sun with a fun bunch of wavesailing nuts. And who knows, this year it maybe your turn to win a state-of-the-art Carbonart Windsurf Board, as well as sails, masts, booms and other wonderful prizes.

Style. It's everywhere at the TWC. We know it and you know it. And we know the hot fashion question on everyone's lips this year is what style T-shirt are we gonna see come TWC weekend? After the Bieber-gate controversy of the 2013 NZ Wave Nationals the young, hip and hairless new-skool types were feeling pretty street while strutting the latest cut in T-shirts (we mention no names [cough!] Thomas Davies). Meanwhile, those of us rocking a chest rug wait nervously to see if we will be brave enough to parade a skimpy T-shirt designed for an androgynous teen pop-star. See the pic below for an example of an unfortunate fashion victim...

Let's be clear: no one is saying let's go all Steve Jobs on this and bring back the skivvy (so wrong...). However, we know fashion is important to all you crazy TWC wavesailors, so you know we will be delivering something new, something fresh, something... random. Expect nothing less! Respect.

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Oh Crepe!
Bonjour! Our local French import Julien Le Feurve is also adding to the TWC's fashion status in 2013 and will be onsite with his all new, all French, all 'oui oui' mobile crepe caravan. Julien's crepes are world famous here in Taranaki and he will be making them to order along with tea, coffee and other delightful goodies, to give us a little taste of the continent! Allez, allez, allez!

The Good Stuff

Huge Prizes
One lucky entrant will sail away with a top of the line wave board thanks to Platinum Sponsor Carbon Art. Every TWC entrant has an equal chance to walk away with this great prize.

Other great spot prizes will include windsurf sails, booms, windsurfing apparel and more.
You have to be IN to WIN!

Gear Was Way Cool In The 80s
The heading above may not be entirely true, however, the TWC 30th anniversary is great time to find out once and for all! Celebrate windsurfing's history by bringing along your old school gear to TWC 2013: looooong boards with inverted rocker lines, which weigh as much as your car, mad-fluoro one-batten sails, tie-on three-piece booms, one piece aluminium masts - you get the idea. When conditions allow we want to see everyone out there styling it up like they used too.

This year we'll be having an informal BBQ after sailing on the Friday and Saturday of the event. If you're in Oakura or nearby drop in to the Oakura Boardriders Club (where we usually have the prizegiving

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