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Stolen windsurfing gear - Auckland

Dave and Kimberly have been strong supporters of the Eastbourne Slalom Plus event every year - anything we can do to recover Dave's gear would be great.
Kimberley's posting from Facebook:
Please can you help? My husband David Blake had his windsurfing gear stolen from Bayswater Windsports, Bayswater, Auckland. The theft has completely devastated him as he is recovering from a brain tumour (brain surgery, radiation, chemo...) so getting back to windsurfing was one of his goals for his recovery and cognitive rehabilitation whilst he is undergoing a second course of chemo (6 months). He had stored it there for the last 2 weeks as as he is not able to drive due to his health condition so was planning to just walk up to Bayswater when the wind was looking good. If we could get at least some of his gear back it would really help him and boost his spirits. The board that was stolen is particularly unique so hopefully someone will be able to spot it as he believes that there would only be one or two of that particular model in NZ. Here is a list of the gear :
RRD X-Fire 114 Version 8 Windsurf Board – Mainly White
Assorted Fins x 10
Simmer 160 Mast - 100 percent carbon – black
Simmer 130 Mast – 100 percent carbon – black
Windsurf Hawaii - Black. Boom mono-coq one piece 160 – 220 cm
Mast extension – North Sails Power.XT Range extension range
Windsurf Hawaii Mast extension black
2x Severn Mast Feet
Wetsuit – Extra Large Simmer Style 5-4-3
Speed timer machine
Boom protector
1 x Mast Foot protector
Please please PM me if you might have any thoughts, information or have maybe seen it for sale somewhere. Also, we would just be so pleased if someone returned it to Bayswater Windsports - no questions asked. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post. Kimberley

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