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Southern Lakes Windriders news December 2015

Hope you had a good Xmas and wishing you all the best for a Happy New Year and lots of fun adventures in 2016. Hope you’ve all been getting lots of sailing in. The water at last is really warming up.. so get on out there and have some fun. Couple of winges to start I’m afraid but bear with us… that’s one of the reasons we need a club, to protect kiting and windsurfing spots in the area. Better news later in the newsletter.

One Mile Sailing.
Unfortunately last week there were 2 incidents in one afternoon of kiters sailing too close in front of commercial vessels. (Luanda and Southern Discovery). One vehicle had to slam into reverse and made a very serious complaint. Please, please, please remember NEVER sail in front of (or anywhere near the bows of ) these commercial boats. You may think the punters want to get some good photos, but the pilots have no idea if you are a beginner or very experienced and get very nervous around other craft. Always always go round the back. Better still stay a long way away from the boats. As we were rudely reminded last week, the Harbourmaster does have the ability to force in a new by-law quite easily to ban sailing from here as it is a bit of a vessel bottleneck. He doesn’t want to do this but some operators are putting on the pressure.
I have talked to Marty Black the harbourmaster and we are going to get some signs put up next year reminding people to say well clear of commercial boats, but please club members.. .be models of good water etiquette, and please help to tell any out of town friends or any unknown visitors you see down there about these special rules for this area. It would be a real shame for a few visitors to get the rest of us banned.

Jardines access… NB. Club Members only
Please remember that Jardines access is only granted by the landowners for up to date club members only. That’s so there’s some accountability. A classic point of this was last month someone tried to cross the field the old diagonal way… and brought down the new farm electric fence and made a mess of the field while trying to exit. They didn’t even clear up the mess or reinstate the fence. Clearly not a club member or they would have read the notices we’ve been putting out. There are people down there who don’t join up…. Again it would be very sad if some of their actions lost us access to this precious site. So please help out the club, check out the car stickers and put a bit of peer pressure on the other sailors around who haven’t joined. Thanks J.. and huge thanks to Chris Streat for reinstating the fence and making an attempt with the earthworks.

Glenorchy Fun Weekend
Unfortunately after postponing one weekend, the following was also a bit of a fizzle…. or rather a drizzle that stopped the rain. The site looked great with lots of banners, notice boards etc, and those who turned up had a good catch up … but not a lot of sailing. A few of us saw it through to an evening in the bar and drowned our sorrows. Next day similar conditions.. bursts of wind between showers. So some of us got out for a few sails.. but less epic than usual. Perhaps we’ll try again in the New Year.

Open Day Follow Up.
Lee organized a follow up session to help these newbies to learn to rig our club gear and help them with another session so hopefully they’ll be able to hit the water alone. Some new members are taking the gear out lots which is great.

Kiters contact/Safety session coming soon.
Mike Holland has offered to help new people coming into the area, helping advise them where to sail etc.
He has also offered to run an evening safety session in the New Year. Should be a good one for all of us. Mike 0212264534

Frankton Windsurf Wednesdays start soon/ Club BBQ 13 Jan.
Frankton Windsurf Wednesdays will be starting on Wed 13th Jan and going through til the end of March. Everyone welcome. There is gear available to rent & lessons if you have any friends who want to learn, otherwise it’s a get together for beginner/intermediates/ Frankton sailors. Club BBQ for the first one so come along and be social

New Anemometer at Glenorchy.
Don’t forget to use the new Club Anemometer

Club Membership.
Due now. See form attached. Please support your local club J

Jardines Access.
Be very careful if driving to Jardines. Keep to the right and go round the last field (not diagonally as we used to)….. And make sure you join up again this year and get your car sticker !

Club Gear.
Just a quick reminder of contacts to book the club gear. Free for members.
*Windsurf beginner gear
*Windsurf Intermediate Gear.
Inflatable board and paddle, with adjustable plate which allows a windsurf rig to be added. Perfect combo.
*4m Trainer Kite.
Go Pro.
Now all club gear at the same venue in town, Melborne St. Pick up from here. (Soft removable roof racks available); Bookings Phil Hyde 021 232 5457or Christy 022675 1070

Facebook Page
Don’t forget, the club has a Facebook page to improve networking in the area, people use this regularly for wind updates, posting photos and news, notifying people about events, selling gear locally… check it out !!!! Search; Queenstown Windsurf and Kitesurf Club ‘like it’ and start adding stuff.

New Web Page.

Many thanks to Christine Byrch who has been putting together a new web page for the club. Check it out !

Text Wind Alerts.
If you'd like to get regular reports on where others are sailing ask Tim to join the text wind alert list. 021509812.

Interested in trying sailing somewhere different ?
Go camping to Lake Aviemore for the Aviemore Classic. Jan 1-3. Approx 2.5 hrs from Queenstown. It is a long distance thermal wind that gets sucked up inland through the rivers and lakes. Works when there’s NE on the coast (or S) and its hot and little wind inland. Lots of windsurfers and some kiters collect here over New Year and there’s some fun simple races if you want to join in. .. Literally just to the other side and back. Much socializing around camp fires in the evening. For more info text Sue 027 640 8596. (I’ll be off soon and its out of cellphone range but there are spots nearby for checking messages.) Short version; Go to Oamarama turn left and head towards Kurow, turn left just before Otematata for Benmore Dam, go over the dam and continue for approx 5 kms til you come to “Waitangi’ station/camp. Take the boat ramp turn, turn right and go parallel to the road you’ve just been on, past a rubbish enclosure on the right near the road, between two trees like large gate posts, turn left and head for the cabbage trees and then to the water.. yee ha.. relax and unwind !

For any other info contact the club email, or ring Sue 027 640 8596 or Lee 0223891621.

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