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Southern Lakes Wind Riders Club Spring News letter. 2013

Hi all,Well the season has started…. and the good news is the water’s pretty warm ! A few of the kiters have been going out for a while, windsurfers have been seen in Wanaka and this last week a few of us have been out in Queenstown. So it’s time to dust off your gear…. and come to the AGM to meet others and plan a fun filled year !


Monday 14th Oct 8pm. Brazz Bar, Athol St, Queenstown.

Please do come along with ideas about what you’d like out of the club.…..Last year nothing much happened with the club, apart from buying some great beginners/improvers gear to encourage new members (many thanks to Craig for all his hard work to make this happen)…. So this year we’re looking for as many people as possible to get involved so we can share the load and keep this club active. Please think about whether you’d be prepared to do just a little bit, even if it’s just being a contact for new members in your area.

Wanaka Foreshore issues.

Some of the Wanaka sailors have submitted to QLDC recently on some issues that have come up in relation to the use of Lake Wanaka. These sailors want to get official support from the club and will be coming along to the AGM to give other sailors an update, but in the interim here’s a summary…
1. Roys Bay - The swimmers only zone in western corner of Roys Bay is set to be expanded. I have submitted a proposal for the swimmers only zone to be trimmed back at its eastern end if it is to be extended to the west and upwards toward Edgewater. Currently the eastern end impacts on windsurfers and kite boarders launching from the main rigging area in front of the Wanaka Show Grounds
2.Wanaka Foreshore Reserve Management Plan - submissions closed for suggestions for inclusions into the management plan for the Lake Wanaka foreshore which extends from Glendu Bay round to the outlet motor camp. We have submitted on obtaining recognition for windsurfers and kite surfers for Roys Bay and also the windsurf beach at the outlet off the end of Penrith Park Drive. We have reminded Council of the previous issues we had when they tried to close the vehicle access to the outlet reserve back in 2007 and have sought to have the windsurf beach recognized as a local windsurfing spot and have maintenance on the vehicle track improved. We have also asked for additional expansion of the grass rigging area and erosion protection of the beach to be carried out.
The next round of submission will be coming up on both of the above issues in due course. The draft Wanaka Foreshore Reserve Management Plan will be posted on QLDC website within the next two weeks. We need as many people to submit either individual or jointly on the draft plan. At some stage submissions will be call for when the Wanaka Swim Club seeks to install another long line of roped together buoys.

Lake Hawea event. 30.Nov/1st Dec

Just giving you some advance notice of an event which will be happening on Lake Hawea 30.Nov/1.Dec. Organised by the Hotel and some local kiters and supported by the club. It will focus around camping and sailing together, with a good night out at the hotel on the Saturday. There may be a ‘downwinder’ and/or some form of freestyle fun competition too, though the exact format is yet to be finalised. (Sorry those of you doing windsurf South Island Cup but we'll always clash with something and it is the windy time there). Contact. Yohann 02108435786.


Don’t forget to check out the Wanaka website for windsurfers and kiters run by Club member Greg Groves

Also for interesting news see the national windsurfing

Southern Lakes Wind Riders South Island Key Events Calendar 2013/4;

Oct 27th. Yoda. Kitesurf. Freestyle event 1. Christchurch. 1st of 3 events, see calendar attached for details of other events.

November 15-17. Lake Clearwater. Show Weekend. Camping and sailing.

Dec 7-8. Kitesurf. Cabrina Wave Classic. Camp out. Waikuku Beach (Christchurch).

Xmas and New Year. Late Dec- 4 Jan. Lake Aviemore. Windsurf and Kiteboard. General Camping & sailing and fun races (2-4th Jan)

Jan . Marahau week. (Start of Abel Tasman). Camp out, socialize and kitesurf/windsurf.

Feb. 5-9. Windsurf National Slalom Champs. Dunedin.

Feb. 5-9. Kitesurf National Freestyle Champs.Christchurch.

Late Feb. tbc. Womens kite and windsurf weekend. Lake Clearwater.

All are welcome, these events are open to all.

Wishing you all a great season and lots of happy sailing… Let’s hope we can all meet up more often and visit new locations.

For further info contact; Sue 027 640 8596.

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