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Slalom windsurfing is for the windsurfers who love to combine speed with tactical challenges. Slalom windsurfing is an internationally renowned high-wind sport. Slalom windsurfing was a rage during the 80's and the early 90's. Its popularity slowly declined due to the complicated quiver (collection of windsurfing equipments) required to sail efficiently at top wind speeds.

However, with the emergence of a new type of windsurfing boards and sails, slalom windsurfing has re-entered on the international racing scene. Nowadays, with the relatively easy-to-maneuver windsurfing boards and rig, slalom windsurfers can comfortably sail at a wind speed that is as low as 9 knots. A quiver of 2 sails and a slalom board enables the sailor to sail in high-wind conditions. Slalom windsurfing boards are small and mainly designed to gain speed in various wind conditions.

Slalom windsurfing races have a Z-shaped course that is about 2-4 kms. Windsurfers have to jibe around the obstacles that are placed along the course. Only a skillful and expert sailor can maneuver around the floating markers. The International Funboard Class Association organizes Slalom Championships every year that attracts slalom windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the world.

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