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Notice of Windsurfing NZ AGM and call for nominations.

Friday, February 6, 2015 - 18:00 - 19:00

It's normal practice to hold the WNZ AGM at the Nationals as this is the one time when most of those active in the organisation are able to get together. The actual date, time and place are to be confirmed - the practical approach over the last few years is to hold the AGM during down time (which does occur) during the event, i.e. while waiting for wind ... so anyone planning to attend who will not actually be at the event needs to be aware of this and make sure we have your contact details.
The formal part of the AGM is usually over pretty quick, but it is an opportunity to discuss other matters, last year the main issues were the location, structure and organisation of next Nationals, and the issue of funding a paid/part-time role in WNZ.
The 4 most active areas/roles are:
President, Treasurer, Secretary and Race Committee.
Tony Limburg (Watercooled, Dunedin) has done an awesome job as Treasurer over the years but has firmly indicated he is standing down this year - so the Treasurers role is a definite need. This is an essential but not overly demanding role as far as I know, the hardest part is probably chasing up the modest affiliation fees etc. from the clubs, so if anyone is prepared to consider this role I'm sure Tony will be happy to discuss what is involved.
Secretary - current encumbent Laurence Carey, Laurence has introduced a regular email newsletter which is great, other activities are generally contributing to the decision making, looking for opportunities and sharing the load (sail numbers, calendar etc.)
President - currently Bruce Spedding, generally tries to coordinate stuff, prod and poke things along, deal with various issues and look for opportunities. Bruce picked this up as a temporary role a few years back, is ok to continue but also aware that there may be someone who'd like to give it a try and would be very happy to back a new president up if someone steps forward.
Race Committee - currently Anton Blijlevens and James Dinnis - basically deals with issues around competitions/events, Anton acts as auditor for our event plans in relation to our insurance cover. I'm sure he would like some support in this area, and we could also use a kiteboarder to fulfill the same function for kite events.

WNZ AGM Minutes 2014

WNZ Presidents Report

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