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New Zealand Windsurfing Slalom Nationals results

Congratulations to our Champions for 2015- Laurence Carey (1st Opens Mens), Oceane Lescadieu (1st Open Womans), Angus Butterfield (1st Silver) and Max Meffan (1st U18)
A massive thank you to all of our sponsors: ATF Fencing, Groundswell, PredictWind, Pure Sports Nutrition and Meanline Fins.
Without their contributions the event would not have been the same. ALSO thank you to all the volunteers who gave us their time and support through out both the planning and running of the event, you guys made the whole event possible and all the competitors are extremely grateful for you guys braving 40-50kt winds just to see if you could set a course for us. FINALLY thank you to Chris and Cheryl Gavan for collecting and organising all of the results for us. It is a huge task that you guys do without complaint every year.

The NZ Slalom Nationals event and racing both went down to the wire on Saturday. The one element the race organisers have no control over is the wind, and it proved uncooperative by blowing from the south and west for the first 3 days. Day one winds started light and built through the day until sails and gear was being blown around and the event perimeter in danger of blowing over. This theme continued for day 2 with strong gusty winds from the SW. Day 3 promised more of the same, and winds gusting to 50 knots made the prospect of racing daunting, but organisers anticipated a change that might allow racing albeit not ideal, and set a course. Late on day 3 racing got under way with small gear being the order of the day for many - round 1 heats were completed by those who ventured out, but round 2 was abandoned half way through as the wind died.
Day 4 was anticipated to have a wind shift to the NE and started very light, but again a course was set and after waiting all morning a few white caps appeared and racing got under way about 2pm with big boards and sails. With talk of perhaps completing 2-3 rounds the youth and silver fleets were concerned that they might only get one race in that day (they normally raced every second round), so they asked to be included in all rounds, not anticipating that they would be retrospectively added to the incomplete round from the previous day! With the previous round completed the organisers continued to put heats through a a great rate in fading conditions and a building incoming tide (worked against the course). With 4 (or 5 in some cases) races completed a short break was scheduled, but a desire to get more races in meant little respite before all were out on the water again to complete 2 more rounds in dying winds. Then it was pack up and off to the Naval Point YC to wind up the event and results. An excellent spread of gourmet food helped the wait as results were calculated, with formal part of the evening finally starting at 9pm (bit like a cliff-hanger election). It was particularly great to have our visitors from New Caledonia competing and adding so much to the atmosphere, and also Max Meffan (14) from Nelson, the youngest competitor showing huge resilience and promise for the future in taking the Youth division.

The full results are attached, but the top 3 positions for each category are:
Open Men: Laurence Carey (1), Gareth Wood (2), Jaquin Basile (3)
Open Women: Oceane Lescadieu(1), Annie Crombie(2), Sue Bradley(3)
Youth: Max Meffan (1), Sam Hood (2), Ben & Sam Davie (3=)
Silver: Angus Butterfield(1), Bruce Spedding(2), Jim Rogers(3)
Youth - under 20: Jaquin Basile (1), Alex Hart (2), Luke Holiday(3)
Open Men 20-34: Laurence Carey (1), Gareth Wood (2), Harry Reed (3)
Masters 35-44: Nathan Taylor(1), Chris Bolt(2), mark Fisher(3)
Grand Masters 45-54: Terry Beentjes(1), Paul Vlietstra(2), Gavin Jackson(3)
Veteran 55+: Graeme Evans(1), Tim Wood(2)
Women under 20: Oceane Lescadieu(1)
Women Masters 30-39: Lucy Waters(1)
Women Grand masters 40-49: Annie Crombie(1), Jodi Taylor(2),Adrienne Chin(3)
Women Veteran 50+: Sue Bradley(1), Nic Taylor(2)
Pictures from the event

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