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Laurence's PWA New Caledonia adventure #2

After two days of no wind, Noumea has certainly decided to deliver. The next four days are forecast to be the same strength as today (20+knots). It will be a huge battle where fatigue will be a huge factor. Today was an absolutely epic day! Words can't express how much I have learnt but also how much fun I had.

PWA - New Caledonia

Elimination 1
Today the racing started at 10.30am where I was in the second heat. I was quite nervous as it would be my first time sailing against all the names I hd only ever heard of. I started the race really well with Jimmy (North, Starboard) below me and Pierre Mortefon (North) above. I managed to come out third and hold that until the third mark. I stupidly relaxed nd just wanted to make sure I stayed in fourth so I would progress to the next round however let a local come in the inside at one of the marks (lesson 1 - dont take the foot off the pedal). As i didnt finsh in the top four I didn't progress to the next round and watched the rest of the first elimination. Pierre ended up winning this entire elimination.

Elimination 2
This elimination i was fired up. I didn't look at who I would be racing but I knew I was in the first heat. I was to sail in a really stacked heat where I managed to beat Arnon Dagan (lesson 2 - don't look at who you are racing). It was a hectic race where I had a great start and managed to hold my position throughout the race. In the next round I was unable to come in the top four so didn't make it to the semi-finals.

Elimination 3
This was a great where I progressed again to the next round. the next race I again didn't look at who I would be racing but knew I had to push the line hard otherwise Cyrill M, Taty Frans, Julien Quentel, Tristian Algret and Cousin. The first sequence Roberto was over early so we had to re run the heat. The next sequence I made some great room for myself. I pushed Julien up so it gave me heaps of room at the mark, I powered at the mark but was called over early. I must say it would have been a very close call as I thought I was on the button and even Taty thought I was perfect. Neverthless I was over early so bring on the racing tomorrow!!

"If you aren't pushing the limits, you aren't trying hard enough"

Later in the afternoon racing was finished and I was asked to do some autographs... At first I thought it was a joke, but no someone actually wanted an autograph from the "kiwi who beat the locals at his first PWA event". It was quite the laugh so then Taty said come and do some autographs with the others. Was quite the unique experience I must say.

Tomorrow is forecast for the same wind, so bring on the racing. I am feeling pretty good and know how I can improve. As I haven't been training much since Maui in July/August (due to university) I know I just need to do all the small things right!

I am currently in 31st, one place behind Bjorn Dunkerbeck. A lot of room to move upward so bring on the rest of the week. The PWA crew aims to complete 3 eliminations each day so stay tuned.

If you are interested in watching the live feed then visit the PWA website. Racing is likely to start from 10.30am (12.30 NZ time) and I am in the first heat of the day. It is commentated by Ben Proffitt who I hear loves ripping into me over the air waves.

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