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Kiteboarding and kiteboard racing proposal for the 2016 Olympics

As a follow up to the recent meeting with Yachting NZ I pointed out that given the importance of SPARC funding which is based on competitive results, and with the way the Olympics were moving (introduction of snowboarding, mountain biking and BMX etc.) that windsurfing variants such as freestyle and slalom could become very attractive because of their spectator appeal, and that this alone should be a factor in giving windsurfing more focus in the development area. So not surprisingly kiteboarding has now put itself forward as a possible new olympic sport, and why not? This from IKO recently:

"With the successful bid of Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic Sailing Regatta 2016 held on the beaches of the Copacabana, Kiteboarding would perfectly suit into this scenery and add a true highlight to the Olympic Games.

Have a first look at our 2009 brochure and learn more about what kiteboard racing has to offer to the Olympic Games

"Kiteboarding is the purest form of sailing and would be an awesome addition to the Olympic Family within the framework of the 2016 Olympic Sailing Event. Kiteracing is not weight sensitive and all of your equipment can fit in the back of a regular car. Its colorful, dynamic, inexpensive and super easy to learn... and can be done in water as shallow as 2 inches deep, opening up many places where no other craft can navigate.
As a five-time Olympic Athlete within the sport of Windsurfing and now a professional kiteboarder, I feel Kiteboarding would marry well within ISAF's umbrella of international and Olympic Sailing events. Why not introduce the sport to the world for the 2016 Olympics. It is the most modern and efficient form of wind powered sailing on the planet.", says two-time olympic medalist Michael Gebhardt (USA), member of the IKAs Olympic Commission.

* Kiteboarding perfectly suits the IOC strategy
* Kiteboarding is the best performing of all sailing classes
* Kiteboarding offers equal opportunities for any kind of athlete
* Kiteboarding is affordable and transportable
* Kiteboarding is media attractive
* Kiteboarding brings the sports top athletes to The Games
* Kiteboardings Olympic Campaign is supported by the major manufacturers
* Kiteboarding can help to make Olympic Sailing attractive again

Watch out for our regular updates on the development of kiteboard racing towards the Olympic Games !"

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