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Join a club or start your own

A windsurfing club is a great way to get into windsurfing. Your local windsurfing club will will introduce you into your local windsurfing community. A solo sport like windsurfing can make it hard to get advice on where to sail, what to buy and what to do. By joining a club you'll get all these things an so much more. BBQs, film evenings, instruction days, trips away, competitions, friends and sailing partners.

Here's a list of New Zealand windsurfing clubs. If there isn't one in your area then find a few like minded people interested in windsurfing and form your own. It may be just a group who arrange to sail together, meet up for a video evening or a BBQ, but it sure beats learning and sailing on your own and its a great way to get more people into the sport. Resources to help you get started

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