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WNZ insurance

Note: Latest version of policy documents are available for download below

The WNZ insurance policy, effective from 17 September 2013 to 17 September 2022, provides the following cover for Windsurfing New Zealand Inc, constituted committees, affiliated clubs and authorised instructors and coaches (acting within their delegated authorities on behalf of the insured entities)

$1,000,000.00 General Liability
$500,000.00 Statutory Liability
Not Insured Employers Liability
$500,000.00 Management & Entity Liability
Not Insured Employment Practices Liability
$150,000.00 Crime Protection
Not Insured Cyber
$500,000.00 Professional Liability for Not for Profits
Not Insured Professional Indemnity
$ 500,000.00 Reserved Cost & Expenses

all relevant documents for 2021-22 are linked below

Public liability insurance

Most sporting associations cover themselves with public liability insurance. This is needed to protect the various committee members, event organisers and administrative personnel from third party claims resulting from negligence. Public liability insurance provides cover for situations where, as a consequence of event activities, property damage occurs to property of non competitors. For example, a sail on the beach flies up and takes out a power line cutting power to a suburb. Or an event rescue boat runs into a spectators boat that then sinks.

The scope of the current insurance does not just cover losses arising from acts (or failures to act) of event organisers, volunteers and sanctioning clubs but also all members of WNZ during WNZ sanctioned windsurfing events. Event organisers, sanctioning club officers and committee members and volunteers are all given protection against third party claims at any WNZ sanctioned events.

The policy is strictly third party/public liability and does not cover competitors or officials for injuries they cause to themselves or others, or damage incurred to their own property or that of other event participants.

Criminal Liability

In extreme cases serious omissions or misconduct may constitute a criminal offence. For
example the Crimes Act 1961 places a duty of care on people who undertake dangerous
acts or are in charge of dangerous things . People may be criminally responsible if their
conduct is a major departure from the standard required of a reasonable person in those
circumstances. That means that the police may bring an action against those people in the
criminal Courts, and if the person is found guilty (applying the criminal threshold of “ beyond
a reasonable doubt”), this may result in a criminal conviction and potential ly, a fine,
imprisonment or other penalty .

Statutory Liability

This covers the defence costs and penalties (fines) arising out of an unintended breach (or alleged breach) of specified Acts of Parliament which happen in connection with the activities of the club. Cover is only provided where statute allows, and deliberate or reckless non-compliance is not covered.

Requirements of the insurance for events

To ensure that no gaps are created in the insurance cover, event organisers must comply with WNZ requirements. Some key points in this regard are:

  • Your event must become sanctioned by WNZ before the event commences.
  • Any national event must also include a levy* in the entry fee to help pay the costs of the insurance cover.
  • Any levy is payable in advance and required to be paid before event is sanctioned.
    Event levies are $100 for events expecting 20 or less entrants, $200 for events with over 20 entries. For new events an estimate can be used. If actual numbers are significantly different from those estimated then the actual amount can be adjusted later by negotiation. Levy can be paid by Internet banking or cheque.

  • You may be required to submit a Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, which WNZ will work with you on
  • You may also need to prepare a risk management plan for approval by WNZ.
  • Competitors in competitive events must be members of WNZ or an affiliated club.
  • You must acknowledge WNZ as a sponsor of the event, including a logo* and link to

    * a variety of logo images are supplied in the zip file below, or you can link to one of the following, right click to get url:

    wnzlogos.zip24.8 KB
    wnz_logo_100.png2.66 KB
    wnz_logo_150.png3.98 KB
    wnz_logo_200.png5.22 KB
    wnz_logo_250.png6.29 KB
    wnz_logo.png5.75 KB
    wnz_logo_square.png1.55 KB
    scope_of_services_-_windsurfing_nz_inc.pdf146.26 KB
    statement.pdf95.69 KB
    liability_package_-_renewal_invoice__cover_summary.pdf160.42 KB
    210915_coi.pdf174.9 KB

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