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Change Of Role Leaves Olympic Windsurfing Champion Worry-Free

Wearing her crop top, board shorts, sunglasses and sports cap, recently retired New Zealand windsurfing legend Barbara Kendall could still pass for a competitor, but in Singapore she is staying on shore as a Youth Olympic Games athlete role model. Kendall participated in five Olympic Games, picking up the full set of medals with a gold, silver and bronze.

She says she is happy just watching and supporting competitors because she does not "have to feel nervous all the time".

"It's been such a great and fun experience being an athlete role model. It' is a nice change from being a competitor."

Kendall has been spending time with the young sailors, chatting with them and offering support.

"This Youth Olympic Games is an excellent opportunity for them to get an insight of what the real Olympics might be," she says

"With so many sailors coming from different countries it definitely is a good experience for them."

Inducted into the International Sailing Federation's Hall of Fame in 2007, Kendall competed at the Beijing Games the following year at the age of 40.

She was chosen as a role model for youngsters because of her work with the New Zealand Olympic Committee athletes' commission.

"The advice I have given them is competition first, activity second," she said.

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