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Carbon Art Tauranga Harbour Jam 2018

Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 09:00 - Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 17:00
Kulim Park, Tauranga

Locked & Loaded for 2018: 3-4 NOVEMBER!

Yes, it's coming up to that time of year again and your trusty Tauranga Windsurfers Admin Team has already had the first planning meeting to ensure our 2018 event is even better than last year.

And there were certainly no complaints here as to the support and enthusiasm of all our supporters, awesome sponsors, participants and volunteers. However, we would like to do everything in our power to ensure A LOT more sailing this year!

So here's a heads-up as to what we have in store, and we welcome and value your feedback during these early planning stages too...
Venue: Kulim Park
After careful review of tide times and heights each weekend through Oct/Nov, we have decided that the only way we can maximise our sailing time is to commit to holding our 2018 event at Kulim Park.

This means we won't be as reliant on tides, as we can simply set our course in the middle of the harbour if needed. However, it will mean a bit of a walk through the sand flats at the start of the day but then more sailing closer to the shore each afternoon - and on into the evening if the wind keeps blowing for us!

As is always the case in Tauranga, the only wind direction we cannot sail in is Southerly but we reckon that would be pretty bad luck to get that two years in a row... fingers' crossed tho!
FREE Buffet Dinner @The Raft
We were so impressed with the attendance at and support for our Saturday night dinner last year that we have decided to include this as a complimentary buffet dinner this year - for registered sailors only, guests and others can pay at the bar as normal (cost TBC).

This will not only allow us to negotiate a super delicious deal with the venue, but we can also ensure that everyone is fed generously and promptly, rather than the drip feeding of orders which we experienced last year.

A cash bar will be operating as normal plus we will give out all higher value spot prizes at this event too.
2018 Design Coming Soon...
Our super cool event graphic for 2018 is now in progress and will be unveilled very soon.

A big thanks to Carbon Art Windsurf for continuing as our Naming Rights sponsor which includes the creation and supply of our awesome event graphic - we have promises that the Carbon Art demo van will definitely be attending this year with lots of new gear to show.

Unfortunately we have lost our t-shirt sponsor this year so the opportunity is now open for anyone who is interested! This is a great way to promote your brand and business to a target market of active people (mainly men, aged 30-50yrs) ie. we do more than just windsurf!

If you would like to know more about the cost & benefits then please contact our marketing organiser here.

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