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Canterbury Windsports Assn. - Scott park Master plan - submissions close 22 November

Just a reminder, if you have not filed a submission, would you please take the time to do this in favour of the existing proposed plan. The Coastal Pathway group have forced a special meeting this Monday which I will be attending with Allan Taylor from Groundswell to defend our position to retain the existing proposed plan.

Our main focus is on four main points to reinforce our reason for proposing to run the pathway along the existing footpath area beside the road:-

1. Scott park is too small to run a 4 metre wide pathway either around the estuary edge or through the middle and it is a park for use by many existing water users and will impede the access to the waters edge. Handling water craft (especially windsurfing equipment) in medium to high wind is difficult enough without the need to contend with the conflict of cyclists arriving or departing. The Coastal Pathway group will propose to lessen conflict by installing barrier arms and use these at high tide but that is impractical as who will monitor and maintain the barrier arms and pathway users will just go around the arms and continue along the pathway,

2. It is a park where people will congregate with the improved facilities proposed as well as Scott park will be a starting or stopping point for many pathway users, therefore should not be structured as a thoroughfare which the Coastal Pathway people are proposing with the pathway going along the estuary edge or through the middle. If pathway users wish to continue their journey, they can do so by following the path away from the main area or they can wander into the park

3. With the proposed increase in the number of users of the park once it is redeveloped and the addition of pathway users including cyclists, it would be a safety issue with cyclists entering the area with the prevailing easterly as a tail wind at more than walking speed. Modern bicycles can attain speeds of 20kms/hr very quickly and easily and maintain this easily. We expect there to be sailors, kayakers, Stand Up Paddleboard users and windsurfers to be utilising Scott park a lot more with the structured car parking and easy beach access that will be provided by the new plan, therefore keeping the pathway away from the water users with their equipment is paramount to reduce the risk of conflict, damage or harm between all users,

4. If the Coastal Pathway group get approval to their proposed changes to the existing plan, they will not stop there. They will also try to get the pathway around the estuary edge at Windsurf park where Kitesurfing is held and impede on access there as well. We have worked hard in the past with the Council to provide the Windsurf park facility, so we need to be vigilant and work hard to retain our access.

We have been working diligently on your behalf to preserve unencumbered access, but we need your help to achieve this.

Please go to the CCC website Main Road plan – have your say for details on how to submit electronically or download the link to the submission form Draft Main Road Master Plan submission form in favour of the current proposed plan for Scott park (NE3 Scott park improvements). You need to submit in terms of ease of access to the water with the current plan and the danger of having cyclists entering the park with pedestrians and existing water users trying to gain access to the water or use the text above

See you on the water

Lindsay Sisson


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