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AWA Slalom Series - Round Two - Event Report

You may know my brother Luke, a young windsurfer of middling ability – any talent buried under a thick blanket of hangovers, laziness and a determination to hit the startline to the nearest minute rather than the nearest second. Anyway, yesterday he bought further shame upon our family when he revealed he didn’t vote.
Didn’t vote!
To be fair he has a rare form (of potentially sexually transmitted) disease which has spread to his feet, leaving him temporarily unable to walk. But come on, people have overcome worse adversities in the past. People around the world are giving up their lives in the fight for democracy, surely it’s not beneath him to crawl into a school gym to put two ticks on a piece of paper. It’s not exactly Zimbabwe where the polling officers brandish AK47s and “suggest” which way you might like to vote. You’re more likely to meet AWA treasurer Desmo, brandishing a friendly smile and helpful information.
Yet I say all this with a twinge of regret, because really, I’m no better.
More importantly than the election, Saturday was also the second round of the 2017/18 AWA Auckland Slalom series. And I wasn’t there. What’s worse (sort of) is that I don’t have a rare sexually transmitted disease, and I can walk. So I have no excuse! Yeah I could say I had work but that’s what us psychologists call a behavioural justification, a little lie we tell ourselves to ease the pain of cognitive dissonance - the psychological discomfort that occurs when our actions don’t reflect our beliefs.
One man that can feel completely free of any dissonance is Jon Cameron. He loves his slalom racing so he grabbed this week by the scruff of its neck and made it happen! He sent the emails, he drove down and got the gear (along with Laurence who also did a lot to make the race happen), and then he got out the water and went toe to toe with Laurence Carey beating him in a couple of races and finishing on equal points. I said last week was the best performance of his windsurfing life but he’s turned around and outdone himself.
Moving down the results list and it looks like a solid performance by Angus to round out the podium. This puts him in third overall on track to secure a well-deserved series trophy. Good to see Jeff and Tim have made it to both rounds so far and Ian Young is having a final blast with a fin before he sets off a career of foiling above the surface.
In the silver fleet it was awesome to see the Whangerei boys taking over, Devan scoring the win, Micheal in second, Vinny doing his first ever race and Ropata putting in the miles which will help him in the overall rankings. Anne also revealed in the new competition, just finishing outside the podium spots in fourth.
Behind the scenes can we give a big thanks to Jon, Laurnce, Bernie, Roscoe, Sue and Jimbo for making everything work.
See you all at the next round!

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