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AWA News Nov 2013

Saturday high tide: 8.30am | Sunday high tide: 9.40am
hot spot
The Weekend forecast not looking to promising. A big high over the North Island, with light West
to SW winds. We might get some sea breezes late in the afternoon but windguru and other sites
all say a similar thing. Light winds.
With very little wind about it will be a matter of keeping an eye on a late afternoon sea breeze
filling in and big gear, otherwise get the Sup out. There might be some light wind formula sailing
at Pt Chev close to the high tides if the forecast holds.
tech tip
Moving on from harness lines let’s look at boom height, if you start using longer lines does this
mean raising your boom? No, as the idea of long lines is to get you down and away from the
rig, A good starting point for most people to set their boom, is approx 60-65% up in the boom
cut out, in lighter winds you might go up a little to take some weight off your front foot, (good for
early planning), and in stronger winds down for more control, 30mm max adjustment either way.
(Once you have found a good comfortable setting before de rigging measure from the mast base
to boom clamp and record for your next session on that board and rig combo.
What a windy week it’s been up in Auckland and around the country, Westerly flows have seen
plenty of beaches filled with small sails and wave boards, Birkenhead wharf is becoming popular
with the city workers,(new meaning to liquid lunch), and a good crowd have been spotted
enjoying the conditions. The Car Boot sale had a small but keen group of people turn up on
Saturday morning, some bargains to be had by the early risers, around midday it was cranking
and a solid session was to be had off Bayswater. Thomas throwing some nice forwards, Anton
on a 4.9m again, (thought he was a slalom sailor), Des, Bernie, Stanley, and several others all
enjoying the spring winds. Pt Chev has had its usual suspects every day and with the tide late
in the afternoon plenty of water for that after work session. Whangaparoara has been going off
as the wind is usually a lot stronger further up in the gulf, and only a 40 minute drive. A bunch
of members are heading to Taranaki middle of next week, good chance to score some early
sessions before the breaks get crowded. With 80 plus entries it will be a busy weekend on the
Now that daylight saving is here, it’s letting us have more water time. Remember that the
AWA have a set of learners gear that can be used by association members. The package is a
Starboard Start, 2 rigs, mast, and boom etc, the complete set up to get on the water. Some
conditions apply and a nominal deposit to use the equipment. Contact Des, cowleydes@ihug. if you wish to make a booking.
As fast as you can go without foils....... Saturday morning while it was interrupted by rain, turned
out to be a real ripper!
Arriving in our favourite eastern suburbs location just after 9, tamaki estuary aka the ditch! we
were greeted with SW 30+ knots with rain.... what to rigg - sub 6m but things calmed down after
the rain to a firm 20-25 knots.
Out on the sand bar there was extremely strong wind against tide happening, we got out a little
late and part of the bar started disappearing 30 mins into the session.(tide half way coming in)
Most of us had a GPS on:
Bryan Morrison - 35.72 knots ! (Fanatic 56cm, 30cm new viper C3, NP RS evo2 6.2m)
Phil Vickers - 35 knots ! (4-5 runs very close to this, 59cm tabou, 25cm slingshot c3 speed fin,
7mTR7 mauisail)
myself, Rohan Cooke - 32.88 knots ! awesome.... (6 runs over 30 nice, naish 6.4, isonic 63cm,
34cm mfc fin)
Glenn Cochrane , no GPS board was a touch big... (70cm starboard and 7.0 severne overdrive)
Dave Harnett, a little later arriving in harder conditions 36 knots ! (Carbon Art 62, northwarp 7.0,
big worlds fin 40cm broke it later!)
Fantastic conditions, apart from massive standing waves on the way back in! Not one person
dared hit them at speed!
event updates
/ 20
This Saturday/Sunday (19th /20th), is the scheduled dates for the 2nd round of the Slalom
series, after such a windy first event it looks like it might be back to a waiting game again, the
final call for racing has been made and it has been called off becuase of the lack of wind.
Labour Weekend is the TWC, (Taranaki Wave Classic), early bird entries have closed but you
can still enter until the day of the event. Accommodation usually gets harder to find closer to the
event, good places to stay are the “Wavehaven”, Oakura camp ground, (tent, or cabin), although
it seems as if the camp ground is about full. Remember why the TWC is such a great road trip,
you hang out with your mates, go sailing every day, beers and Barbie after sailing each day, the
infamous TWC party, and the chance to win lots of spot prizes, and a CARBON ART wave board
for some lucky entry. What other way to spend your holiday weekend!
Planning is underway for a Movie night on the 7th of November , Gravity in 3D! venue the
Devonport cinema. More details will be posted in next week’s newsletter, not quite windsurfing
but great to get together and catch up, you can always talk windsurfing over a pre or post movie
rider profile
Trent Cornwall
Where you are from:
Favourite windsurfing Spots:
Kanaha, Farm Cove
Favourite discipline:
Most memorable windsurf:
Kanaha on a 4.2, sunshine and
boardshorts (no wetsuit reqd)
What is windsurfing to you:
Fun, Friends, Fitness and Fast.
What Gear do you use and why:
I am sponsored by Stanley
at Bayswater Windsports and I use RRD boards and Simmer Sails. With Antoine Albeau sailing
on RRD for the last few years the boards have just got quicker every year and really nice to gybe.
Its amazing to see how the subtle tweaks each year make a difference you can feel. The Simmer
race sails consistently get faster each year with new materials and development and just make
you sail faster. My fins are NZ Fins hand made by Bruce Nicholson and are by far the fastest fins
I have used. I have tried loads of fins and these have the balance between low end power and
top end fast that other fins just don’t achieve.
Best result:
Favourite mast size:
Favourite fin:
NZ Fins
Favourite Board:
RRD X-Fire
Do you use RDM or SDM extension:
How long have you windsurfed:
26 years
How long have you been an AWA member:
Since it started
How long have you lived in NZ:
My whole life
How did you get into windsurfing:
Bought a shortboard in ‘87 and taught myself to sail it as a
high wind option when yacht racing was cancelled.
How old were you when you began windsurfing and what attracted you to the sport:
I started windsurfing for fun when I was about 20 and yacht racing was my number 1 focus so
I used windsurfing as a high wind option. Eventually windsurfing took over as a priority and has
since become an obsession! The speed of windsurfing and the constant evolution of equipment
keeps it interesting. Every time I buy new gear I am amazed at how equipment that looks pretty
evolved is constantly and substantially improved.
What are your goals in the future for windsurfing:
Planing gybe faster than Laurence
What is the one thing you have always wanted to do on a windsurfer but have
not done yet:
Break 40 knots speedsailing

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