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Australia and most of the Pacific Island nations support the decision for kite-board racing for the Olympics

Yachting New Zealand has confirmed that both Area L (SW Pacific) representatives will be voting in favour of kiteboards at the upcoming Annual meeting of the International Sailing Federation, despite lodging its own submission which supports the re-reinstatement of the Windsurfer as an Olympic event. Understandably this has created a great deal of consternation and anger in New Zealand, particularly in the windsurfing community.

The ISAF vote in May which created the current situation was just the start, and the debacle continues as the ISAF and the obviously political and at times cynical manipulation behaviour goes on. With revelations like this it seems the best chance windsurfing now has of returning to the Olympics is either recognition of how broken this process has been, either by the Olympic Committee, or by the courts with the legal challenge mounted by the RS:X Class Association. You also have to wonder what Australia promised the Pacific Island delegates, given the great work that New Zealand windsurfers have been doing with the kids in the islands, particularly Barbara Kendall.

Generally speaking both windsurfers and kiteboarders agree that windsurfing should not have been dropped, there should have been room for both in the sailing grouping at the Olympics, but a cynical play by ISAF has created this situation and put the two groups into unwilling conflict. There's so much wrong with the way this whole situation has developed it's difficult to know where to start, so I won't bother - I'm just going to go sailing, while I wait and see where the processes that take place in the next couple of weeks will leave us. (Bruce Spedding, President WNZ)

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