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Auckland Windsurfing Assn update 2018

Welcome back from the windiest, hottest, sunniest summer break we’ve seen in ages. There has been heaps of windsurfing and I know everyone is itching to get back into racing.

Just a reminder, that the next AWA race day is scheduled for Saturday/Sunday 10th/11th of February. It’s still too early to know what the wind will do for these dates and as usual the AWA race committee will make the call the Thursday prior, but get your gear ready, because as soon as we get a forecast we’ll be confirming a race date. The AWA Facebook page has all the remaining event dates listed (6 more possible race days in total), so if you’re not already signed up please do.

We’re aiming to do one of the AWA days out at the Eastern beaches. This will be forecast dependant. There’s quite a few good Easter beaches sailors that we’d love to have along to the AWA events, but who are unable to because of family commitments, so we hope that if we bring the event to them they will be able to join.

There’s a few other things the AWA committee is working on, including foiling and a fun event, and we’ll update you about that as things progress.
From your AWA team,

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