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AGM Minutes and Presidents Report 2015

Minutes below - these are also available together with the Presidents Reports as PDF at the bottom
Meeting held at Naval Point Yacht Club 6th February 2015 at 6:30pm

Present:Jim Rogers, Heather Rogers, Bernard Carey, Laurence Carey, Chris Bolt, Harry Reed, Mark McGregor, Sue Bradley, Darren Nicholls, Chris Dimock, Bruce Spedding, Gregor Bowater, Sam Davie, Peter Davie, Ben Davie, Rachel Low, Russell Mathieson, Ned Tamatea, Luke Holliday, Jack Holliday, Taylor Boyd.

Apologies: Anton Blijlevens, Paul Vlietstra, Andrea Bowater, Tony Limburg.

Items for general business - these included advertising proposal, marketing, cost structure and notice boards.

Minutes from previous AGM were presented, reviewed and discussed.
Moved Darren N, seconded Laurence C, passed.

Matters arising from minutes - issues arising were added to the general business to be dealt with later.

Presidents report (separate doc) - key points included:
Successful events run through year, including racing, youth and social. Insurance cover issues resolved but although kitesurfing is no longer an additional cost there is no input from kitesurfers to allow it to be used. WNZ flags and bumper stickers, thanks to all current officials (Laurence, Anton, James D) and special thanks to Tony Limburg (retiring) treasurer.

Treasurers report - financial statement was presented and discussed. Noted that all clubs had paid affiliation fee except Taranaki, reasons discussed but it was confirmed that clubs should pay affiliation fee. Insurance contribution for national events was down and an analysis of this is needed. No subscriptions/donations (more joining clubs?), no windsurfing school registration, reduced instructor course fees/revalidation (no courses). Expenses included flags and donation to youth team.
Some discussion around promoting more instructor courses, perhaps through clubs and yacht clubs.
Also some discussion about the Adventure Activity legislation and its impact on small windsurfing businesses. Sue Bradley reported on gaining exemption for her business and also Watercooled (Dunedin), we will distribute details on this.

Chief Instructors report (summarised)
No instr courses run in the last year or planned as far as I know. PeteS has some keen windsurfers and is working at getting the group together.
Several accreditation have been issued in recognition of other quals.
The wsfNZ scheme is ok at training instructors for clubs and a starting point for wsf schools. I don't feel it's robust enough to withstand much scrutiny from 3rd parties like WorksafeNZ. Thought needs to be given with regards to what wsfNZ wants the instr training to accomplish and to them evaluate and make changes.
The outdoor industry has changed a lot in the last 5 to 3 years.
Occasional emails from the wsfNZ website have been responded too.
Wsf events around the county have been positive for the sport, well done all.

Election of officers:
President: Bruce Spedding - Bernard Carey/Peter Davie - carried.
Secretary: Laurence Carey - Bruce Spedding / Sue Bradley - carried
Treasurer: Jack Holliday - Taylor Boyd / Peter Davie - carried
Race Comittee: Anton Blijlevens, James Dinnis - Bruce Spedding / Bernard Carey - carried.
Regional representatives - deferred
Youth Representatives: Sam & Ben Davie - Laurence Carey/Bruce Spedding - carried

General business
Laurence has been producing the email newsletter with a high degree of success - he is proposing that all windsurfing related businesses be offered the opportunity to purchase coverage via the newsletter, with the proviso that the newsletter would not be overwhelmed by advertising. Advertising could be on an annual subscription basis, could include a tiered subscription model (details to be decided.) - Proposed Laurence carey/Bruce Spedding - passed.

Bruce noted that there had been some issues around commercial involvement in WNZ and the possibility that WNZ should maintain a distance - Bruce believes that NZ is too small and for the sport to grow we need a close relationship which is carefully managed. Including the website advertising as part of the newsletter package is one option.

The previous AGM agreed to set up a working group to look at ways to fund special projects - possibly by engaging a professional fund raiser. Some avenues were explored, the main issues being the need to identify specific projects, and also finding a fund raiser who works nationally rather than regionally. It was agreed to budget up to $2000 for this, which was not used. Proposed Sue Bradley/Bruce Spedding that this budget be rolled over for another year. Proposed Passed.

Laurence also raised the possibility of getting windsports notice boards created for popular venues, containing site information, emergency contacts, safety guidelines for both participants and spectators, contact details for local sports clubs, notice area for events etc. Bruce has some examples of this and will make these available (WWA had done this some time ago, these have since been lost through attrition, Hutt City Council is keen and are awaiting designs) - generally agreed to look at this as a national/regional project.

The issue of next years Nationals was also raised with much robust discussion about where it should be held. It was agreed to try and gather further feedback during the rest of the event. Peter Davie suggested that the next event be decided before the current event. It was agreed that we would try to get a preliminary report on the current event within about 2 weeks and get the next event set within the next month to provide better lead-in.

Next AGM: Next Nationals tbc. (as usual)

Meeting ended 8.06pm

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