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WindGuru Eastbourne anemometer now live

New WindGuru weather station installed and live

Lightning strike protection kits.

Ever been out on one of those unreal days when the cloud closes in and you're skimming across an oily sea in a strange but beautifully silent world of your own? No? Well never mind, because the next thing you hear is often the roll of thunder, preceded by a flash of light and followed by a flash of realisation that your mast is the highest object around, like a raised hand saying "Pick me! Me!".

WeatherWatch: 10 more weeks of windy weather?

It's may not be the news many New Zealanders are thrilled about but the possibility of 10 more weeks of windy weather does have a silver lining. Just 9 days away from the Spring Equinox and head weather analyst Philip Duncan says the spring winds have turned up bang on time. "We expect these westerly gales every year from around mid-September and they usually last throughout October then ease during November".

2010 weather report : Wellington still the windiest at 117knots (and also the wettest)

Climate records in New Zealand for 2010. The highest recorded wind gust was 217kmh at Baring Head near Wellington on March 12. Click through for interactive map of the highs and lows of NZ weather for 2010.

Weather man Bob McDavitt explains the La Nina summer

This is a La Nina summer. To understand the varying impact of La Nina on winds around New Zealand, let us first look at the three normal weather zones in our part of the world. First, to the north we have the tropics with trade winds that mostly blow from the east. Second, to the south and in the “roaring 40s” we have a zone of disturbed westerly winds and the low-pressure systems of the Southern Ocean. Third, in between, we have the latitude zone which we see cells of high-pressure take as they migrate from west to east across our weather map- let us call this the “sub tropical ridge”.

Local windsurfing contacts wanted for summer media commentaries

LAST CALL - Radio stations often have a spot where they chat to someone about the conditions for surfing etc. each day, just a couple of minutes usually, maybe only once or twice a week. It would be great if we could get a list of contacts who would be prepared to comment on the local conditions for windsurfing on an occasional basis and maybe add a few comments about the sport, how to get started, how to stay safe etc. This would obviously suit someone running a business related to windsurfing, kiteboarding, SUP etc.

Free Predict Wind forecast offer

* Enables you to save your forecast location * Enables you to save your units eg. Knots, Beaufort etc * Auto-save your favorites page * Get Forecast Alerts via email or on your I-phone !

Windy Wellington - story of a southerly front

This is a short story about a southerly front. Wellington is well known for its windy weather - and I recently found some graphic illustrations of how quickly and dramatically the conditions can change. From a northerly of less than 5 knots to a southerly of 50+ knots in less than 3 minutes! Years ago (20), when I was single and obsessed with windsurfing I was one of the keen windsurfers who used to park at the bottom of the harbour on the Petone foreshore and wait for the predicted 'southerly buster' to arrive. When it did there would be a black wall appear at the harbour entrance which would rapidly advance towards us over a period of a few minutes, and the only question was 'which sail should I rig, 3.5 or 3.0?'.

Detailed graphical 48 hour wind forecasts from MetService for main recreational marine areas

MetService have closed their enhanced MyWeather services on the public website, however in the interim they have created a public login to their business site (Login myweatherplus/weather4u). Most of the information is not new, but the Animated Wind Model shows 3 hourly wind forecasts for the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch recreational marine areas for the next 48 hours.

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