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Windsurfing NZ Newsletter December 2015 - PWA and other event reports, SUP, kite and more ...

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PWA Noumea - Kiwis make us proud
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Lake Clearwater Show Weekend
Raglan windsurfing - Starks need our help against the wildlings
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WSL Big Wave - Peahi Challenge
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Worlds No. 1 Jumbo Surfer Loses Arm!

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Windsurfing NZ news Sept/Oct 2014

Make sure you are up to date with windsurfing in NZ. Upcoming events, travel stories, new gear, second hand ... Windsurfing Z News sept/Oct 2014

August/September Windsurfing NZ newsletter now available

Make sure you are up to date with windsurfing in NZ. Upcoming events, travel stories, new gear, second hand ...
Windsurfing NZ news August/September 2014

Second wind for board sport

Windsurfing lost out to cheaper extreme sports but is again attracting the attention of the young - and not so young. By Dennis Cole
FIND A breath of wind and you'll also find collections of little sails racing round the harbour, and closer to shore than the Lasers and Pclasses you will find windsurfers.
The sport has died down since its hey day in the 1980s — a combination of expensive, inaccessible equipment and a rise in other extreme sports such as snowboarding and skateboarding took the wind out of the sport's sails. But recently windsurfing has been changing its look: rather than racing from buoy to buoy youngsters are being drawn to free style windsurfing—flipping and spinning in the air to land tricks you'd more likely see on a snow or skateboard.

James Court & Tim Haxell score 4 pages in Windsurfer International with story and pictures about Windies, Cape Palliser

... On coming 'round the corner we were greeted by a very clean barrelling right hander on a reef just off the local Golf course. It was barrelling top to bottom for a couple of hundred metres off the fourth tee. The first things that popped into my head were "holy crap" quickly followed by "is it sailable?"...

Windsurfing magazine - going faster and more ...

How to go faster - 4 point plan, Master wavesailing - wind direction, interview with MauiSails head designer Barry Spanier, wallpapers, videos ...

Womens surfing mag CURL wins Magazine of the Year

The February issue of CURL magazine has just been voted Magazine Cover of the Year, in this year's Maggies. The Maggies is a new initiative to NZ this year to celebrate the best covers over the past year and CURL not only took the sport category prize Curl took out the overall award. Winners this year of the Maggies in UK and Australia were Vogue and GQ magazine.

Windsurfing magazine

Win A Trip: Lord Of The Wind Showdown, Where To Learn What, 7 Best Windsurf Spots, Get What You Pay For? Hatteras Wave Jam Report, WINDSURFING Goes BIG, Best Beginner Light-Air Boards ... boards scored highest for newbies...

Spring edition of kite mag out soon

Next mag is at the printers. Let us know if you have moved since July. Also let us know if you would prefer to receive a digital version and we’ll send you that instead. All the best and hope you enjoy our next mag.

Windsurfing magazine - learn freestyle tricks, get your kids sailing

6 Fundamental Freestyle Tricks - Four Fastest Boards - Get Your Kids Sailing - Are We Safe From Sharks? - Video: Pistol River Final, Gorge Jump Off, Tatiana Howard In Fiji, Naish Bash Preview.

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