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Speed Windsurfing European Championship Karpathos

Bjorn Dunkerbeck (SUI, Proof, North Sails) and Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) are the European Champions of Speed Windsurfing 2008!

In a thrilling final gold fleet race Bjorn Dunkerbeck defeated Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard) who was leading the competition until that final race. Both were tied in points, with the tie broken in favour of Antoine Albeau by the top speed of the season (43.68 knots), a new spot record as well.


New Windsurfing Speed World Record!

TeamPryde’s Antoine Albeau (FRA 192) has broken the world speed sailing record by 0.4 knots to set a new world record speed of 49.09 knots.After months of waiting for the big mistral winds, the speed canal at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea came to life again with 45-50 knots hitting the speed strip at a perfect angle.

Windsurfing - speedsailing: The 2007 World Champion Titles

Antoine Albeau, Valerie Ghibaudo, Patrik Diethelm and Karin Jaggi are the new Speed Windsurfing World Champions 2007.


AGM Formula Experience Class
NOTICE is given of the 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Experience Class to be held on Wednesday 15th August 2007 @ 20.00hrs. Venue: Hotel Pirita Top Spa, Pirita, Talinn, Estonia.
Techno 293 Class Annual General Meeting - Date Change!
Please note that the Annual General Meeting for the Techno 293 Class will now be held on Tuesday 4th September 2007.

2007 KA New Zealand Speed Challenge Final Month

After 6 months the KA NZ 2007 SPEEDSURF Challenge is coming to a close.

There is a very strong possiblity that in the next few days..... June could be the 4 month in a row where SpeedSurfers in New Zealand have gone well over 40 knots for 500m. Last month in Auckland City we had 5 SpeedSurfers record an average speed of over 40 knots for 100m.

Preliminary - Overall Results for 6 months can be found on the link.

Outlook:Saturday, 23rd June:Becoming southwest 40 knots in the morning.


Michael Howard

ISWC formally approved as ISAF International Class

The sport of Speedsailing has taken another leap forward with the news that it has been approved by ISAF (International Sailing Federation) as an international class. Primarily this will enable this exciting discipline, to achieve a greater profile and credibility on the world stage.

Speed sailing

Speed sailing is all about going fast.

There are now 2 categories of speed sailing event, the 'traditional' method which is to sail down a measured course and calculating the average speed from the transition time, and the new approach which involves the use of a GPS receiver to measure the speed of the sailor.

The former method is the one used for formal world speed records - the distances involved include 500m and 1 nautical mile. To attempt these records involves a specially prepared course with suitable timing equipment, official representation and lots of luck with the weather.

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