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The 2016 Olympic board? If Neil Pryde have a say in it.

The RS:X Evolution program will feature a lighter board which will perform as fast as the Formula or large Slalom boards and will remain the cheapest sailing boat with the most consistent performance within the Olympic sailing scene. Also a new updated more powerful rig, with a bigger wind range and featuring an extremely colorful fresh new look.

Olympic windsurfing gold medallist Tom Ashley recovering after hip operation.

The Olympic championwould like be training on the English south coast in preparation for the 2011 Weymouth and Portland International Regatta, a series of races which serve as a pre-Olympic test event, starting on July 31.
Thanks to a touch of groin pain he first noticed four weeks ago on a training ride with his surgeon, and good friend, Mat Brick, he's not. Brick examined it, and Ashley was under the knife a week later. Ashley's femur was slightly the wrong shape and, because of that, was gradually beginning to wear away cartilage in his hip socket.
While Ashley is recovering, Jon-Paul Tobin, his sole rival for the slot available to New Zealand in the RS:X boardsailing regatta at the 2012 London Olympics, will be going hard off the Dorset coast.

Barbara Kendall on becoming an elected member of the IOC

I’ve recently been elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee which is an amazing opportunity for me to be involved in Olympic sports at the highest level. As there are only fifteen athletes out of 115 members I feel privileged as now I have the chance to meet face to face with world sporting leaders and are able to influence some of the big Olympic issues!

Barbara Kendall on her IOC Appointment

New Zealand board sailing queen, Barbara Kendall is one of three new members elected to the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee. (IOC) Barbara’s appointment was announced at the recent 123rd IOC Session.
She explains what it means...

Barbara Kendall, 5 times olympic representative, 3 medals and now a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Olympic boardsailing gold medallist Barbara Kendall has been elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in South Africa today.

A veteran of five Olympic Games, Kendall won gold in 1992, silver in 1996 and bronze in 2000. She was fifth in Athens in 2004 and sixth in Beijing in 2008 before retiring from competition in 2010.

The 43-year-old was voted in on the final day of the IOC's four-day session in Durban and received 73 votes in her favour and only nine against in the secret ballot.

More from J P Tobin on his battle with Tom Ashley to represent NZ in RS:X windsurfing in the 2012 Olympics

It is simply a fact of New Zealand sailing life that the board sailing class has been populated by a string of high calibre athletes, going back to Bruce Kendall, gold medallist in Seoul 23 years ago through Tobin's coach Aaron McIntosh, and now Ashley and Aucklander Tobin - not to forget Barbara Kendall and her gold/silver/bronze trifecta from 1992.

Windsurfers for Olympic Test Event named

Yachting New Zealand is pleased to announce the final selections for the New Zealand Team to compete at the Weymouth and Portland International Regatta 2011, otherwise known as the Pre-Olympics or Olympic Test Event, on in early August this year. Yachting New Zealand’s selectors have today announced that Jon-Paul Tobin and Natalia Kosinska will represent New Zealand in the Men’s and Women’s RS:X windsurfing events. They join those sailors named in March this year to make up the New Zealand Team to sail at this important event staged just one year from the real deal Olympic Games.

Conclusion of Olympic Garda Eurolymp 2011 - Ashley takes gold, Williams takes medal race to finish 8th overall

The finals (medal races) of the Olympic Garda Eurolymp 2011, took place this morning with rain and blustery north wind (which started a 20 knots at 8.00 o’clock and diminished to 16 by mid morning).

Another 18 months until the Olympic class issue is resolved, kiteboard, windsurfer or both?

For windsurfing and kiteboarding, the battle is not over. Unfortunately, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has postponed the decision on selecting the board sport which will confirm a seat in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, scheduled for Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil.

It's hard to believe and the consequences will be felt in both sports. The final decision will be made by the ISAF Council in November 2012, after the "evaluation process" is complete. The sailing authorities have delayed a definitive resolution and were able to add more confusion to the whole process.

ISAF Olympic classes decision confirms windsurfing/kiteboarding trials - politics win.

Kiteboard/Windsurfer - Men and Women (subject to Evaluation)
One Person Dinghy - Men and Women (Laser and Laser Radial)
Second One Person Dinghy - Men (Finn)
Skiff - Men and Women (49er and an Evaluation Trial for the Women's boat)
Two-person Multihull (Mixed - to be selected from and Evaluation Trial)

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