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YNZ discussion around Kiteboard racing in NZ

Wed 16 May 2012
YNZ Offices, Auckland

Are you interested in Kiteboard Racing?
Everybody who has an interest in kiteboard racing is invited to YNZ’s offices on 16th May at 7pm for a discussion around the implementation of Kiteboard racing in NZ.
As you are mostly all aware the Kiteboard has been given the vote to be included in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
This is a decision that has come as a bit of a surprise and we need to get organised in NZ as soon as possible.
Whilst this decision has presented a few challenges it also provides a great opportunity to organise racing across

Olympic windsurfing - action to get the ISAF to reinstate windsurfing as an Olympic sport

In an unexplained move the ISAF decided to drop windsurfing in favour of kiteboarding. There should be room for both sports and there is no justification for dropping the most dynamic sailing class from the Olympics. There has been a strong backlash as a result of this decision and there is momentum to have windsurfing reinstated.

This page will act as a starting point for all information on this issue:


RS:X Class website

The RS:X Windsurfing AGM Overview: Same gear, mandatory charter, paperless, and at more than 60 member countries it's bigger than Laser

It was just over 5 years and 6 months ago that the RS:X Class came into existence. In that time the number of countries involved has grown to more than 60 and the equipment tolerances have become second to none

It is with this in mind that the Class held its seventh Annual General Meeting in Cadiz, Spain during the 2012 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships. We would specifically like to draw your attention to the following decisions. The class voted...

#1. To retain the existing equipment without change

RS:X Windsurfing - Fin and Sail Equipment Evaluation

The RS:X Class is pleased to announce their test event to evaluate possible changes to the current RS:X equipment for the next quadrennial. After consulting ISAF and Neil Pryde and taking due account of the world economic situation, the class has decided to withdraw the lightweight hull from the process and focus on granular testing fins and sails only.

Kiteboarding trials at Santander for 2016 Olympics

Kiteboarding will be playing a crucial card in Santander, between 21st-25th March 2012, when a series of trials will run at the Prince Felipe High Performance Centre.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will evaluate the possibility of having kiteboarding in the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A specialist evaluation team from ISAF has been appointed to look at the format and event management implications, in order to improve the decisions about the inclusion of windsurfing/kiteboarding the in the Olympic sailing competition.

Neil Pryde - a brief history and opinions on kites at the Olympics

Will kites fly at the Olympics? - Sail World talk to Neil Pryde about his career, his company and the future of kites at the Olympics ...

Tom Ashley - Windsurfing Olympic Gold medalist and hero

No excuses, just naturally disappointed but gracious in acknowledging the support he's received. "[YNZ] has been incredibly good to me for the 11 years I've been sailing professionally and I'm really grateful for all the help I've had from them," he said. "I think it would be a stab in the back to turn around and try to fight them on something. They've got 100 per cent good intentions."
There were suggestions that YNZ would defer choosing and have Ashley and Tobin in a "race-off" next year for the spot. Yet Ashley believes making the choice now is right, giving the selected athlete more time to concentrate on peaking next August. "The selectors asked us to peak at a couple of different events. In that sense it wasn't a secret at all," he said.

J P Tobin , Tom Ashley and the YNZ decision dominate sports news

The YNZ decision to select J P Tobin over Tom Ashley for the 2012 Olympics has been dominating sports news today. Secrecy over the selection criteria has led to some criticism of YNZ, but it seems both JP and Tom are aware of the process and neither are commenting. JP is obviously pleased with the outcome which vindicates his results for the past 12 months where he has consistently outperformed Tom, who has accepted the decision and now considering his future options.

JP Tobin selected ahead of Tom Ashley for Olympic RS:X Windsurfing berth

Jon Paul Tobin has ousted reigning Olympic champion Tom Ashley from New Zealand's sailing squad for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Tobin has just been annouced as one of the first 12 sailors for the 2012 Olympic Games team in Auckland.

RS:X Windsurfing - Dorian takes 2011 world title, JP puts Tom on notice

Dorian is the 2011 RS:X World Windsurfing Champion, Piotr is second and Nimrod Mashiah ISR take the bronze.
JP Tobin NZL had gone into the medal race trailing Tom Ashley his compatriot and was determined to make it an three. He has beaten Tom in a straight fight twice already this year. Their duel will go on but JP is out to load the deck in his favor by the biggest margin possible.
Tom won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. To displace an established medal winner in the national selection for 2012 will be tough which is why JP has to do more than ever to establish that he is the 'man to pick.

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