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Robby Naish: the ultimate windsurfer and water sports icon

Surf Today Windsurfing - Tue 14 Sep 2021

Robby Naish is probably the greatest windsurfer in the history of the sport. His career stats are absolutely impressive.

But the legendary waterman is also someone who pioneered kiteboarding and modern stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

Naish was always ahead of his time, and the nearly obsessive search for perfection only added layers of success to his longtime competitive career.

How to body drag in windsurfing

Surf Today Windsurfing - Wed 8 Sep 2021

Body dragging is a classic old-school move and one of the first techniques beginners learn when getting into freestyle windsurfing.

It's a stylish and feel-good maneuver that involves dragging your legs in the water next to the windsurf board before effortlessly jumping back onto it, still planing.

"It is easier to body drag on cambered sails," explains Michael Rossmeier, competitive windsurfer and author of the "Trickionary Windsurfing Bible."

Kiran Badloe and Yunxiu Lu win RS:X gold medals at Tokyo 2020

Surf Today Windsurfing - Sat 31 Jul 2021

Kiran Badloe and Yunxiu Lu claimed the RS:X gold medals at Tokyo 2020, in Japan.

It's the end of an era for the legendary RS:X windsurfing.

The historic sailboarding class concludes its fourth and last participation in the Olympic Games since it made a grand debut in Beijing 2008.

A new theory on sailing downwind faster than the wind

Surf Today Windsurfing - Fri 30 Jul 2021

Sailing is an ancient skill and art. It involves a complex balance between wind, boat, sail, and several laws of physics and motion.

"Downwind Faster than the Wind: Sailing Explained by Newtonian Physics and Galilean Relativity" is an exciting - and controversial - book by Nicholas Landell-Mills that promises to shake up the scientific community.

The author is not your average academic or physicist.

Robby Naish rides The Longest Wave

Surf Today Windsurfing - Thu 29 Jul 2021

Over the course of 40 years, professional waterman, Robby Naish, won over 150 tournament victories and became a 24-time world champion.

His purpose in life every day was about competing and being an exceptional athlete.

So now in his 50s, as he figures out what to accomplish next in his life, "The Longest Wave" documentary sheds light on his career during the transition from competing to life after professional sport, a perspective rarely documented.

The qualified RS:X windsurfers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Surf Today Windsurfing - Fri 25 Jun 2021

Twenty-five male windsurfers and 27 female windsurfers will compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Sailors from 31 nations will race for gold, silver, and bronze medals at the small island of Enoshima in Sagami Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

The Olympic sailing venue is located 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of Tokyo, and it is home to the Enoshima Yacht Club and Odakyu Yacht Club.

Neubauer ramps it up for Lennart's Wind Park in Naxos

Surf Today Windsurfing - Sat 12 Jun 2021

The Greek windsurfing phenomenon returned to his sporting roots for a wild and innovative project.

Lennart Neubauer made his first steps in windsurfing at the Laguna Beach Park in the Greek resort of Naxos in 2014.

In 2021, he returned to his roots for his latest sailing project.

Zane Schweitzer claims 2020/2021 IWT Big Wave Awards

Surf Today Windsurfing - Tue 8 Jun 2021

Zane Schweitzer is the grand winner of the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) Big Wave Awards.

The event's ceremony was held on Maui's north shore on Saturday night to announce the big wave champions.

Covid-19 restrictions on outdoor gatherings were opened June 1, 2021, on Maui, and so the organizers immediately planned the big night for the first Saturday, June, so that everyone could finally come together for this special night.

Video : Cape Town 2016 trip from Meikel Thies

MauiSails News - Mon 11 Apr 2016
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Video : 4-Batten sail rigging guide - Mutant (wave) and LocoPro (freestyle)

MauiSails News - Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Video : Wave Sails (5-batten) rigging and derigging guide

MauiSails News - Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Video : Epic - 3-batten wave sail - rigging guide

MauiSails News - Thu 7 Apr 2016
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February in Cape Town

MauiSails News - Wed 23 Mar 2016
Cape Town is extremely versatile so that it never gets boring.

Final day: Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Mon 17 May 2010

Anton's report of the final day of DefiWind 2010!

This was the last day of the 4 day competition. The wind early on in the day was as strong as at the end of yesterday. But since this was the last day I decided that I needed to go out. The race director announced that it would be only one lap around a 25 km course rather than two laps. Everyone cheered.

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Day 3: Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Mon 17 May 2010

A slow start today. In spite of an early start the boys are still wrecked from the day before and the villa was creaking even before Paul put the coffee pot on. Our view from the window looks over the beach and we can see a few hardy souls already on the water at 0800. By 0850 Anton, Paula and james have downed the cereal, grabbed all the gear and are heading to the beach...

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Day 2: Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Sun 16 May 2010

After last year’s quiet days the 2010 event has been a real eye opener. Big days on the water make the big nights a little less appealing is the main observation.

Briefing at 9 and then the race 90 minutes later...

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Defi Wind | Gruissan 2010

Carbon Art - Sat 15 May 2010

Day One at Gruissan, Defi Wind!

James Dinnis arrived in Marseille after a bruising trip from New Plymouth, New Zealand – Auckland – LA (via Venice beach??) – Munich then on to Marseille. Like any good travel story this one had its dramas from the start. The Premium Air New Zealand check-in was the site of the last minute repacking of 217kg of gear all destined for a one way trip to France. As always the Air NZ guys were rockstars. 36 hours later Team Carbon Art arrived in France to be met by team rider Vincent only to find none of the gear had arrived...

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Wave 2010/11 New Shapes, New Graphics, 2 Year Warranty!

Carbon Art - Thu 29 Apr 2010

Carbon Art is excited to announce the release of the 2010/11 wave range.

An extensive amount of work, testing and tweaking on the waves of Taranaki and Maui has gone into our entire range. All three of our wave shapes have been fully refined to give you better performance and more benefits than ever before. The sheer smoothness of the Wave Vee (WaveV) puts you in control 100% of the time, the power and responsiveness of the Wave Single Concave (WaveSC) is more than impressive and the varied style of turns the Wave Thruster (WaveTH) offers is a huge amount of fun.

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IFCA Slalom Worlds Youth/Masters 2010 – L’Almanarre, France

Carbon Art - Mon 19 Apr 2010

The 2010 IFCA Slalom World Championships for Youth and Masters was held last week on the almost mythical spot of L’Almanarre, at the foot of the Gien peninsula near Hyères on the French Côte d’Azur.

With only one day of slalom training on my new boards and sails my preparation going into the championships was far from perfect. This made the gear choice under the IFCA “slalom 42” format even trickier, considering that Almanarre can see the widest range of conditions ranging from strong side-on shore mistral to gusty off-shore “vent d’est”. The forecast was for the week was for building off-shore winds on the first day, and uncertain lighter breezes for the remainder of the week. I decided to register the new SL75pro and SL66pro, with 8.4, 7.6, 7.0 and 6.6 Maui Sails TR6xt’s.

We had a strong fleet, with more than 50 masters and grandmasters registered and a couple of former French and world champions like Gerald Pelleau and Pierre Moretti from France, Markus Poltenstein from Austria and Marco Begalli from Italy. Sailing in his own front yard, living French windsurfing legend Eric Thiémé (remember the indoors in Paris Bercy in the 1990s...) whose windsurf centre is located right on the beach of Almanarre was also present.

Announcing the 2010 Midwest Speed Quest

Carbon Art - Thu 15 Apr 2010

In 2010 Carbon Art are proud to support the Midwest Speed Quest, and would like to thank Craig Bergh who has been excellent to work with and Carbon Art look forward to further developments - news report below about the MSQ in 2010.

The MSQ would like to thank everyone who has participated in past years, and invite everyone back again in 2010. We have been working hard all winter long to make this Event even better.

The speeds recorded in this Event can be compared with speeds recorded anywhere in the world. We work closely with the Team at GPS Speed Surfing in Holland. These guys support all forms of Speed Sailing, including GPS Windsurfing, GPS Kiteboarding, and GPS Ice Sailing.

The "Economic Stimulus Package" was a success in 2009, and shall be repeated again in 2010.

The MSQ event shall run from April 15th to October 15th, 2010 on an open schedule. Pick a windy day that fits your schedule, and come on down. Let us help you with discounted Lodging and Great Food.

We have the best demo gear in the world for use by the visiting racers.

Please visit the MSQ Web Site for complete information:

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