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Notice Special General Meeting of Windsurfing New Zealand

Notice and proposed agenda of Special General Meeting Windsurfng New Zealand

If you intend coming to the meeting at The Bog in Parnell on September 10, 2003 could you please print out your own copy of the Agenda.

Latest report from Jon-Paul Tobin

Saronakis Gulf Regatta 2003 (Greek National Championships). 36 Olympic Boardsailing Athletes (Men) representing 15 Nations lined up for this opportunity to get racing on the course areas designated for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. While not a big turnout the field included 12 of the Worlds top 30.

Tom Ashley takes European Champonship

NZL Boardsailor Tom Ashley has won the 2003 Mistral and Junior European Championship, his first regatta back from injury.

Medal Success for NZL Boardsailors

The results from the latest European regattas indicate that things are on track for New Zealand's boardsailing Olympic prospects. Barbara Kendall has won the women's boardsailing class of the Saronic Gulf regatta and Jon-Paul Tobin has finished 2nd in the Men's division.

Windsurfing Super X video

Check out High.TV - awesome video of the first PWA windsurfing Super X event. Super X is a combination of slalom and freestyle, with obstacles, jumps, tricks and racing in difficult water. You need reasonable bandwidth but it's worth the effort.


In March 2003, ISAF invited submissions from sailboard manufacturers to offer a new and exciting step forward in the evolution of Olympic Windsurfing, welcoming any new design concepts put forward.

The 2003-04 Auckland Race Series

Revised, revamped, reorganised &the Auckland Race Series is back for the third annual year of competition.

The moment I turn my back - site was down

Take a few days off and what happens? A database glitch takes out the site. My apologies for this and thanks to those people who emailed me.

Where is the Outer Gulf?

Have you ever listened to the Recreational Marine Forecast for Auckland and the forecast goes something like Southwest 10 knots but 15 knots in the Outer Gulf and your thinking to yourself, I sure could use those extra 5 knots so where exactly does the the Outer Gulf start. Well I put that question to Bob McDavitt, MetService Weather Ambassador and the answer is...

The outer Gulf area is defined in the Nautical Almanic and is east of a line from Capr Colville to Kawau. Basically there is extra wind expected in the zone that is open to the incoming Southeasterlies.
Thanks Bob but thats a fair hike from my local spot off Little Bucks. Next weeks trivia, what is a Nautical Almanic :)

Windsurfing activities in the Far North in winter

Windsurfing in the Far North

We Andreas & Rosy Kurmann have set up a Windsurfing school and a Windsurfing academy in Taipa in the Doubtless Bay. I am a member and a Windsurfing Instructor of Windsurfing NZ .We are offering great Windsurfing all year around , individual and small group lessons for beginners and advanced surfers .

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