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Development plan

Hi Team,Please find a brief skeleton of how I see a plan of developing the sport in NZ. There have been numerous discussions with various parties on the subject and I haven't kept pace on paper.. or rather computer with the modifications. I am suspect that this plan may be modified over the next months.New Zealand Windsurfing Development Program2001Objective.To streamline a windsurfing development program from entry level to Olympic racing.Step one; Auckland onlyStep two; Nation wide by giving other regions a blue print and help them to develop.Step three: Start an International training exchange.Basic conceptBuild the base of the sport while looking after the rest so the bottom feeds the top and vice versa.1. Create regular training programs and give support to current Mistral One Design sailors.2. Modify and increase current windsurf instructors curriculum to streamline learning and bring students to a higher level.3. Qualify more master instructors so they can instruct and qualify more new NZ windsurfing instructors.Entry level & Racing Introduction at windsurf schools [Any long boards]Junior & Youth training one week day and one weekend day [one weekend day for racing]Youth & Advanced Sailors training one week day & one weekend day [one weekend day for racing]Advanced SailorsInternational Level Sailors MOD National and International training and supportHigh Performance Sailors. MOD National and International training and supportEntry level and Racing Introduction.Managed by W/S Schools. W/S schools should have board storage facilities.For racing Intro; On Bombora type and old MOD boards. [1 Month rental system which includes instruction.] [Advertising could be sold on these sails and boards.]Top & youth sailors can be part time paid instructors to help them financially. [Month rental covers the instruction]Junior and Youth training and racingThe MOD boards would be owned by the sailors.We would use MOD sail sizes; 5.5, 6.6 and 7.4.The 5.5, 6.6 rigs can be from any manufacturer. We could create NZ "one design" rigs for this purpose to reduce costs. Advertising could be sold on these sails.Regular weekend and mid week coaching could be provided again through the W/S schools and W/S centers using youth and top sailors.Youth and Advanced training on MOD boards with 6.6 & 7.4Regular Mid week coaching with regular weekend racing.The coaching can be done by the top sailors. The coaching and racing should be paid for by the participating sailors but subsidized by other organizations.Advanced SailorsThese come into two groups as follows.International level SailorsThe International Level sailors are the sailors who have committed to trying to qualify for the Youth or World Championships. Their support network is through Yachting NZ and the established top sailors. For sailors going over seas, the best support comes from other top NZ Sailors. [EG, It is desirable to travel with someone over 21 so it is possible to rent a car.]Normally the NZ Youth Worlds Representatives spend one week training at or on the way to the YWC with the High Performance sailors.High Performance Sailors.These are the sailors who have finished in the top 20 over all at a world Championships.These sailors get their support from YNZ the NZSF and the other top sailors.Windsurfing CentersNth Shore; Lake Pupuke / Takapuna Yacht Club [possible]Lake Pupuke; Mad Loop, Allan McIntosh ph 025 858 812Mission Bay / Bucklands Beach Yacht Club [possible]Mission Bay; Ryan Pausina ph 021 286 953Yachting New ZealandBruce Kendall, Master Instructor, Youth, Advanced, International and High Performance.Manager of the development of the sport of windsurfing.NZ Mistral Class Association PresidentScott RadleyUp and coming Youth SailorsMathew McCormickJames WellsThomas AshleyAnna EasonJames EasonAnita PurdieHayley ThomLouise WilkiesMax CrossAntonio SongInternational Level SailorsMathew McCormickJames WellsThomas AshleyScott RadleyJulie WorthSheena McKinnonVaughn ClarkNot activeShayne BrightBruce TrotterHigh Performance SailorsJohn Paul TobinNot activeBarbara KendallAaron McIntoshBruce Kendall

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