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Olympic sailors , youth sailors and BKs itinerary

There is all kinds of support for those young sailors who want to see if the sport is for them and for those who genuinely want to get to the top. Please contact me for details.Here we go!Topics1. Anyone wanting to sell a Mistral One Design complete, please contact Aaron McIntosh. or ph 021 624 121 or 09 534 7974.2. Websites for regatta dates, rules and general information. For those that are sailing, put them in your favorites list.3. This is my Tentative year planer so you can see what I am planing for my year. It is also to help NZ Mistral sailors to plan theirs.4. Racing rules. I visited the ISAF website and printed off a copy of the 2001 - 2004 rules. I wasn't able to download them so I could send you copies, but you can check it out for your self. You will be pleased to know the "when boats meet" section hasn't changed much at all.2.Sites NZ Mistral Sailors should have in "Your Favorites"New Zealand Windsurfing Association [NZWA] = New Zealand [YNZ] = Mistral Class Organization [IMCO] = www.imco.orgInternational Sailing Federation [ISAF] = www.sailing.orgI visited these sites and apart from YNZ I was disappointed with their commpetion calendars. It is possible to add to the YNZ calendar if you have a regatta! I have let the non performers know and hope we see an improvement. I will keep you posted.3.Regatta Dates & Bruce Kendall's Tentative Itinerary ETCThis has taken a lot more time than I expected thanks to the lack of information.If you cant open this excel file please let me know and we can try another way. This planer also has the biggest regattas NZ sailors may want to attend.If you are a youth sailor you should attend all you can in NZ.The other sailors in NZ who are no longer youths will be welcome to come to the youth regattas and training. It will be fun! [I will make sure of that!]For those going to the Worlds [those that have qualified should go] I recommend just going to the Europeans and the Worlds. I intend to help c oach the NZ sailors there. Prior to that training in NZ with me and saving your $ should be fine.NZ Mistral Sailors !!!!Please modify this year planer to your own plan and return it. Then I can help you tune your plan to be the best for you. CheersBruce Kendall

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