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Competition Calender

Not that I am a good administrator, but I am trying to be. I am trying to put together a suggested competition calendar for the young sailors I am trying to bring into the sport. Today I have been browsing the various websites for regatta dates etc. It is interesting to note that the commercially supported sites are as bad as the non profit sites. I have discovered a few common flaws in all the regatta websites for competition calendars.1. They don't go for long enough. I like to plan [at least tentatively] up to two years in advance. Sponsors want that and for financial planing this is important.2. They are all very thin on information. ISAF, IMCO, YNZ are all thin on the number of events on the calendar [YNZ was the best]. Last year IFCA & IBSA were the worst.I would assume that it wouldn't be too hard to have a calendar showing up to four years in advance even if it was only a skeleton. There are many regattas which are always on the same month in the same place. As time goes on it would be easy to fill in the calendar with more detailed information. For NZ events, if the date is down and each month the calendar is up dated, at least the competition in question will be regularly questioned as to when it will be on. At least this may ensure it happens. I have observed that more and more the NZ competition scene is happening less and less. Before, regular meetings asked the questions and events were held. Lack of sailors doesn't seem to be the problem.... Competitions were always a social focus off the water and an important part of growing the sport. Can we build this up again? Would a better run calendar be part of this? For new people coming into the sport, how do we offer more than just going back wards and forwards. Are we too late?Can I suggest...some one update the calendar and website every month? It seems not much has changed since November... Hmmm.Bruce Kendall

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