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Olympic Boards for Athens 2004 decided

SOLING OUT, YNGLING IN FOR ATHENS 2004 (Sailing)*Women now sailing keelboats at the Olympics - Yngling (pron Yingling)*Soling removed from Olympic line-up, all keelboats now fleet racing (noOlympic match racing)*No change to Olympic dinghies & sailboards (as per Sydney 2000)==================================================FINAL REPORT, 2000 ISAF NOVEMBER CONFERENCE, 2004 Olympics(Taken directly from the ISAF website: )It should be noted that the following is an overview of the major decisionstaken, and further information will be published on the ISAF website( ) in the ensuing week.Thursday 9 November 2000 saw match racing taken out of the Olympic Regatta.This decisions leaves only two keelboat events remaining - one for men andone for women.It should be noted that in reconsidering the events for the Olympic Regattathe number one objective of the International Sailing Federation was tomaintain the four events for women, as decided in November 1998. The ISAFCouncil, having received the facts presented in respect of spread and levelof participation around the world, and in respecting the criteria set by theInternational Olympic Committee as well as ISAF's objectives, drew theunavoidable conclusion that match racing would need to be replaced by fleetracing.With the total number of athletes for the 2004 Olympic Regatta limited to400 or under, and the ISAF policy that the fleets should be at least fifteenboats, the best option was to have a crew of three. Respecting the Council'swish to determine the equipment this November, the boat which presenteditself for this slot was the Yngling (see below for more details of 2004Olympic equipment).The four women's events will see women's participation in the OlympicRegatta move from 22% in Sydney to approximately 35% in Athens 2004.ISAF President Paul Henderson commented: "We have set a pattern that willnot be changed for a long time with the events, although the equipment maychange inside the events."Full minutes will be published on the ISAF website ( ) in duecourse.===========================================2004 OLYMPIC REGATTA - EVENTS AND EQUIPMENTOn Thursday 9 November 2000, Edinburgh, Scotland, the ISAF Council debatedthe events and equipment to be used at the 2004 Olympic Regatta, Athens,Greece.The Events Committee was invited to present their recommendations and as afirst step asked Council to reconsider the slate of events which hadpreviously been approved in November 1998, as in their opinion threekeelboat events and only five dinghy events did not accurately reflectcurrent participation in the sport.The approach the Events Committee took to get Council's support to changethe slate of events, was that if they had to make a decision using theexisting slate of five dinghy events they would be compelled to recommendthe deletion of the 49er. Their arguments were that the Finn is the onlydinghy for heavyweight males, the Laser is widespread, affordable and easilyavailable, and the 470 is popular for lightweight men and used in emergingnations and should reflect the equipment used in the women's double-handedevent, and obviously there was no challenge for the Europe's slot.The thought of the 49er being removed from the Olympic schedule was enoughto convince the Council with a majority consensus to reconsider the slateand change the three keelboat and five dinghy events to two keelboat and sixdinghy events. This decision meant the removal of the Keelboat Open to bereplaced by the Double-handed Dinghy Open.With two keelboat events then approved - one for men and one for women -Council then reconsidered whether they should be fleet or match racing.Again, to reflect the participation around the world, it was resolved thatboth keelboat events be fleet racing.It was then time to decide the equipment, starting with the windsurfingevents. There was a move from some quarters to defer the decision on thewindsurfing in order that further investigation could be undertaken into thetwo types of equipment - Mistral and Formula Windsurfing - in contention,but Council emphatically expressed the need, in the interests of enablingthe sailors to know the direction of their sport, to make a decision thisNovember.Whilst in the windsurfing, there was support for Formula Windsurfing, it wasthe established Mistral Class that won through. Multihull Open saw an almostunanimous support for the modernised version of the Tornado, to include aspinnaker and double trapeze. In the Single-handed Dinghy Men, there was noquestion, the Finn came through as clear favourite, with the Europe in theSingle-handed Women slot. Double-handed Dinghy Women saw the 470 voted in,which was then reflected in the Double-handed Dinghy Men. The Dinghy Openslot was taken by the Laser, with the new Double-Handed Dinghy Open for the49er.That left the two Keelboat events, with the keelboat men fleet racing votedfirst pitching the Star against the Soling. This was going to be tough anddisappointing for one of the classes. The vote was close but saw the Star gothrough with a 3 vote advantage.The decision on the equipment for the Keelboat Women Fleet Racing eventpresented a slightly different scenario as all recommendations on equipmenthad been made based on a match racing event. In this respect Council agreedthat representatives from the appropriate Committees reconvene and make ajoint recommendation the following day (Friday 10 November). The equipmenthas been confirmed as the Yngling (21 foot, three-person keelboat, with aspinnaker, very much like a scaled down Soling).Therefore the events and equipment have been approved as (see[][www], "2004 OLYMPIC REGATTA - EVENTS AND EQUIPMENT" for detailsof classes and links to class websites):Windsurfer Men: Mistral One-DesignWindsurfer Women: Mistral One-DesignMultihull Open: Tornado Sport (Tornado with spinnaker and double trapeze)Single-handed dinghy women: EuropeDouble-handed dinghy women: 470Single-handed dinghy men: FinnDouble-handed dinghy men: 470Double-handed dinghy Open: 49erDinghy Open: LaserKeelboat Men - fleet racing: StarKeelboat Women - fleet racing: Yngling

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