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Easterin Sydney

EASTER IN SYDNEYOnly three weeks after the NZ Olympic Trials I was back on the road, I departed New Zealand on the 10th of April. Sydney bound itching to get back into training and checking out what the compertition was up to and find an apartment for my base in Sydney.I am getting used to having Easter in Australia. The last three years I have travelled to Sydney for the Sail Sydney Regatta. The Olympic year being a little more special than most, saw one of the strongest fleets assembled in Sydney with all the big guns and medal threats competing. Appartment hunting in Sydney , not my idea of fun I had a week of frustrated hunting not finding the local realstate agents very helpful to say the least. A frustrating morning was followed by an intense session on the water taking my frustration on the other sailors, trying kick there arses. with moderate success. I was happy with my training but really wanting to spend more time on the water.Well I was at a stage where I was definitly not over trained. I had not found an appartment and I was sick or the Aussie realistate agents. Good Friday day one of the Regatta excited about going racing I turned up at the Yacht Club to find that my sail was covered in Pidgon S *#!T not too happy about I convinved my self that it was to be my good luck for the regatta.Race one. I started well, but got a caught on the wrong side of a wind shift, I rounded the first mark 12th and fought back t 4th across the finish line happy but never satisfied I headed home light funky conditions we were lucky to race at all and some bombed 4th was ok.Saturday, the wind arrived. Since arriving in Sydney I had seen 2 days of wind the rest of the days were between 5 and 10 knots. It seemed that everyone had forgotten how to sail in the breeze. Race 2. I sailed well but came unstuck a few tmes on the down wind legs missing a couple of gusts. I finished 6th , after yo-yoing between 3rd on 6th the whole race. Race 3. The wind was out of the south and cold once it clouded over. Gone with the wind (Nice movie) a good way to describe my next race. I made a great start rounding the top mark a close 1st but managed to move out on the next 2 legs. There are different styles of race stratagy I use , In sydney you race the wind first using the wind the best you can while keeping an eye on your compertition. During our Olympic trials I was racing my man always keeping a cover on him. Race 3 was that style I open up lead of abut half a leg. Easter Sunday well behid shedual we were starting at 11 am , we were up rearing to go but the wind was not. We had 2 races in what you would call fickell conditions,very shifty Well it just seems that the pidgon pooh on my sail was working I managed to win anothe r race edging out Lars Klepich, Aussie. 9th not to happy with that , I was caught on the right side of the course and the guys that were on the left came through. Happy with the first Las Kleppich who has shown us how to do it ton th harbour was at his same old tricks , He seem s to have this ability to come back throuht th e fleet. With everone else s places up and down he har a 2and a 3. Consistancey it the key. Going in to the last day I was one poind a head of Lars not ining in this game. Easter Monday the wind was back 10 to 15 knots racing on Course area B. Swimming I am not a great swimmer and generally try to stay out of the water. I may go for weeks and not fall in , But some times It happens and this tima a crutial time. At the top mark for the last time I went from 6th to 12th cold wet and not very happy, I returned to the coach boat. Drink jacket and a power gel and back into it Lars had a another 2nd. I was on th back foot I need ed to perform in the next 2 races that I did wining bothe races I started well my game plan worked well Lars had a 3rd and a 4th this was just enough fro him to win the regatta by one point. My luck had run out my pigion poh had washed off my sail , I was later informed that in the last race I had been scored an OCS ( this stands for on course side) and that means that I had jumped the gun at the start. This dropped me to 3rd over all.Happy, a good result I am getting more confident with the conditions o n the Sydney Harbour. But still a lot of work to be done , Good News I found an appartment Not quite where I wanted but as you readon it will do. I have found a place on the water in Mosman with a boat shed , I have been sailing out of the Wollrra Sailing Club on the South side of the Harbour , Mosman is on th e North. The Boat shed will be my equipment right on the water there is asmall garden which had a BBQ and tale to relax oround. The bigest bounus is that is rigth next to course area B. I am home untill the 4th May and I will return to Sydney. To move in and another week traing befor I head to Europe.All in All a good two and half weeks.Regards Aaron McIntosh

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