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Sydney 2000 windsurfing results

The big news at the moment is the Olympic Games in Sydney. Barbara Kendall with an Olympic Gold and Silver from previous games, and Aaron McIntosh won BRONZE in their respective MISTRAL class events.[TABLEC][ROW][COL][IMAGER=94]Sunday 17 September- Barbara is in third place after 1 race, Aaron is in 27 after being disqualified for an early start in the first race and a 9th placing in the second.Monday 18 September- Barbara has 3rd with a placing of 2nd today while Aaron has started his climb back with a 4th today to lie 14th overall(remember he hopes to discard his 37 placing later).[IMAGER=95]Tuesday 19 September- Barbara again places 3rd in the light winds which favour the small German sailor. Aaron meanwhile had a 10th which was only enough to maintain his current 14th placing overall. Where are those stronger winds?Wednesday 20 September- Slightly stronger winds today, although still fairly light by normal "kiwi" standards, have allowed the kiwis to do better. Barbara placed 7th and then 1st to hold her 3rd overall, while Aaron placed 9th and then 3rd to move up to 4th overall.[IMAGER=96]Thursday 21 September- The kiwis have left their run late, maybe too late but they are both in the running for medals. Barbara placed 3rd and then 1st again but still holds her 3rd overall (she is on 15 pts, with those ahead of her on 13 and 12, 4th place is on 44). Aaron placed 1st to move up to 3rd overall.Friday 22 September- Barbara placed 12th again and lies 3rd overall with 1 race to go. Aaron placed 5th and 12th to hold 3rd overall.Sunday 24 September- Barbara and Aaron fought hard and won through to maintain their positions, both winning bronze for New Zealand.[TABLEC][ROW][COL]Race[col][COL]1[col] [COL]2[col][COL]3[col][COL]4[col][COL]5[col][COL]6[col][COL]7[col][COL]8[col][COL]9[col][COL]10[col][COL]11[col][COL]Place[col][row] [ROW][COL]Barbara Kendall[col][COL]2[col][COL]3[col][COL]2[col][COL]3[col][COL](7)[col][COL]1[col][COL]3[col][COL]1[col][COL] (12)[col][COL]3[col][COL] [col][COL][IMAGER=99][col][row][ROW][COL]Aaron McIntosh[col][COL](37)[col] [COL]9[col][COL]4[col][COL]10[col][COL]9[col][COL]3[col][COL]1[col][COL]5 [col][COL]12 [col][COL] [col][COL] [col][COL][IMAGER=99][col][row][table]Note: discards are shown in brackets.Check out the [WWW=] official Olympics web site[www] as well as the [WWW=] Yachting NZ website[www].[col][row][table]

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