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Windsurfing School

The school operates here 7 days a week and has a constant trickle of visitors taking casual lessons or hiring if they have learnt previously.They don't use a safety boat as the lagoon is uniformly walkable but they actively discourage people from teaching themselves or their friends on school equipment. The Kiwisi is always set up and there are always at least four boards ready to go.Sometimes there is no wind but it is usually possible to talk a bored tourist into taking a lesson on the Kiwisi by demonstrating how we simulate wind by pulling on the lee boom making everything respond in the right way.As the minimum water temperature is 26o there is no need for wetsuits although one can add comfort on the odd drizzly day. People with soft feet are advised to bring reef shoes to reduce the ouch of finding a bit of coral.Occasionally there is a strong S.E. wind and the flat water makes for very fast reaching close to the reef so candidates are advised to bring slalom gear for the odd windy evening. They may even find a market for some of their gear to lighten the return trip. It should be possible to accommodate candidates for $140 for the week. All in all the course should be very comfortable, comprehensive and a way of combining a holiday with a valuable learning experience. Any further info about the location can be obtained by e-mailing Ken at [][www]I hope this is helpful. Cheers, Ken Kingsbury.

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