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Someone told me that there was this big event happening in Sydney starting tonight and lasting about 2 weeks. Any idea what it could be? Well I can tell you, that it is and has been my obsession for the last 10 years. Olympic Glory. Yes tonight is the night. The party begins. SYDNEY 2000 is here.Well there is not too much to say. I have done every thing I possibly could have in my preparation. I am ready, and that?s that. Wednesday was my last day of training for the year, I wasn?t sure if I should be happy or not. I worked it out that it was a good thing.Since then I have been resting, stretching, eating and putting my head into gear. This is the event I have been walking, talking, living and breathing since Atlanta.Sydney is certainly putting on a show that will be hard to beat. The village is a great village but that is all, it is just a village. I am happy in my place just across the harbour from the Olympic Harbour in Rushcutters Bay, Grant Beck my loyal coach is also my chauffer to the Olympic Harbour by boat. This way I do not see any traffic, any people, any press and that?s the way I like it.That?s all for now, I would like to say a big thanks for all your support during my campaign. It is time for me to do what I set out to do. Then we party.[IMAGER=54]Racing Schedule. 17th Racing Starts 12.0018th Racing Starts 12.0019th Racing Starts 12.0020th Rest Day.21st Racing Starts 12.0022nd Racing Starts 12.0023rd Rest Day.24th Racing Starts 12.0025th Medal Ceremony1st October Closing Ceremony2nd October return home. Kind Regards Aaron McIntosh PS: Check out these Web sites for results and reports.

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