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4What can I say? I am an individual athlete, that?s where it ends. I have a team of sponsors and supporters that have contributed to my Olympic Campaign. Without that support I would have not reached my Goals.[IMAGEL=61]LINE7 came aboard in February 1997. Since then we have created an excellent working relationship with both parties benefiting from the partnership. LINE7 specialise in wet weather gear and have a great nautical clothing range from smart causal to classy dress clothing. (They keep me looking good) LINE7 is an official supplier to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Team New Zealand Americas Cup and Yachting New Zealand. Check out the latest range at a store near you now.Check out their web site for more information.[IMAGE=63][IMAGEL=65]I welcomed SUBARU aboard in February 1998. SUBARU have supplied me with a Forester for my use in New Zealand. With my busy schedule overseas, I have not always had a Forester to come home to; this has never a problem as they have been put into another model (which I must admit has been fun, especially the WRX sti.) With my build up to the Sydney Olympics I have spent more and more time in Australia. SUBARU Australia has been fantastic in looking after me with a vehicle. Since experiencing the beauty of all wheel drive I struggle with driving anything but a SUBARU. Check out your local dealer for a test drive, you too will be sold.Check out latest from SUBARU BOATS.[IMAGEL=66]Protector Workboats by RAYGLASS If there were one thing that I could pinpoint a competitive advantage from it would be by having a Coach Boat. April 1998 I approached RAYGLASS BOATS in view to purchase a boat. Tony Hembrow sent me away to put a proposal together and from there we came up with the boat pictured right. We have shipped the boat to and from Sydney, to Noumea for our World Championships in 1999. Having a coach on the water with food and liquids while training is of utmost importance. Late 99 we had some trouble with my light air performance. So with coach, boat and video camera we set to rectify the problem, and that we did. Without the boat we would not fixed the problem in the time we had. Thanks again Tony.[IMAGER=67]Without the NEW ZEALAND SPORTS FOUNDATION I would not exist. They have supported my Olympic Windsurfing since 1992. Funding has always been performance based, hence the need to perform at the right time. I have satisfied their criteria on almost all occasions. As the Olympics close in support is vital. They have armed me with enough to do what I need to do, to WIN.Check out the NZ Sports Foundation.[IMAGEL=68]Rip curl has been a welcome edition to my team in 1997 with a range of suits that cover the coldest European weather to the warmest tropical climate. Rip curl import and distribute Reef footwear so if your looking for causal footwear cheek out the REEF range. WINDSCENE WINDSURF.I have been associated with Windscene since I began windsurfing in 1987; they supply my equipment for the Mistral Olympic Class as well slalom and wave equipment. You name it they have it. I am currently sailing the MISTRAL range of Slalom boards using a SLE 303 for Formula 42 and Course racing and FLOW 266 for good old blasting. I am using Tushingham Sails Series 7 from 8.9 to 6.0 in the Slalom Range and 8.5 and 7.5 for Formula 42 and RaceboardEmail them for the latest catalogue. [IMAGEL=69][IMAGER=70]Oakley supplies me with the latest and greatest glasses for on the water and casual wearing, if you?re serious about looking after your eyes check them out. [IMAGEL=71]I have been using POWER BAR?s since 1992 and they been supporting me since 1994. I use Power Bars and Power Gels by the box full for pre race Carbo-loading and as snacks between races. If you?re serious about your sport you can?t look past POWER BAR. would also like to acknowledge the following for there support in my Olympic Campaign.  Portables Plus. Janice Mclennan Bruce Spedding David Sylfield Training Systems Nokia Mobile Phones Tony?s Sports Connection RED 8 Sports Supplements Yachting New Zealand. Buckland?s Beach Yacht Club. New Zealand Windsurfing Association. New Zealand International Yachting Trust

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