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Aquaculture “Expert Group” concerns YNZ

An Aquaculture advisory group has been established, and existing regulations are under review by the Government. As co-users of the coastal marine environment we need to pay attention.

Yachting New Zealand has been monitoring with interest the matter of aquaculture reform, wanting to ensure that the interests of yachties and boaties get due consideration in this reform process.

The Government appointed ‘Aquaculture Technical Advisory Group’ is charged with providing expert input to the aquaculture reform process and has recently been named. YNZ has some concerns. Click here to read the announcement issued by Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley and Environment Minister Nick Smith, which names the group, describes member backgrounds and notes the Terms of Reference.

“YNZ remains concerned that the Aquaculture Technical Advisory Group, while expert, is not adequately balanced to bring wider strategic insight to the table. Recreational interests, Tourism and Marine Industry contributors have been omitted. Their involvement in an effective solution is essential,” says Des Brennan, YNZ Chief Executive. “In addition we believe that their Terms of Reference appear to be very open.”

“In essence YNZ is concerned that this process appears to be a fast track for the growth of aquaculture without a balanced view across the other sectors involved with the coastal marine area. YNZ is not against aquaculture and recognises its economic value and right to grow.”

“However, YNZ wants to ensure continued freedom of navigation in the coastal marine area and unimpeded access to sheltered bays for both enjoyment and safety. It essential that the recreational, sporting and sustainable commercial activities such as Tourism, are protected. Aquaculture can be developed in areas of the coast and in a manner which does not interfere with these activities and customs. This can best be achieved by consultation and co-operation.”

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